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How To: Use Google to easily convert kilos to pounds

The video describes how to convert any unit of weight to any other unit. The example used here is conversion of pounds to kilos. Going to the Google homepage, the desired conversion should be typed in the search box directly, e.g., "150 pounds in kilos". Click the "Google search" button and Google will use its built-in converter to give the result, in this case, 150 pounds is equal to 68.0388 kilos. This, if it is ones own weight, will of course make anyone feel better, because kilos look les...

How To: The Best Times to Make Important Decisions

Decisions are rarely easy to make, and there are countless ways to mull your options over. You can sleep on it, pluck flower petals, make a list of pros and cons, or even follow the advice of a psychic. Yet to make the best decision possible, you might want to consider holding off until a certain time of the day—or even until you feel specific emotions. The state you find yourself in has significant impact on each decision you make.

How To: Video tape a wedding ceremony professionally

For many people, their wedding is one of the most important days of their life. Filming a wedding, as a amateur or a professional, is a weighty responsibility for any filmmaker. And, if you're doing it as a professional, it can pay very well. This video offers some tips for how to film a wedding effectively, including how to utilize a multi-camera setup, what shots to take, what equipment to bring, and how working with the still photographer can help you. Video tape a wedding ceremony profess...

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