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The Company

We launched WonderHowTo in January 2008 with our own money, and later, with professional backing from General Catalyst. Given our backgrounds in television programming, motion graphics, and software development, early on we chose to pursue instructional topics we were most curious about. With an original taxonomy of 476 categories, sometimes we wandered pretty far off the reservation. But we always kept exploring. More recently, we have chosen to narrow our focus into fewer verticals we found genuinely intriguing, inherently dynamic (and not evergreen), and ripe for future innovation.

To create even greater focus and expertise, in early 2017 with approximately 12 million monthly uniques, we launched the WonderHowTo Network. Four new sibling verticals, covering not just How-Tos, but the latest news, reviews, rumors, and insider information on the areas we find the most interesting. We would love to hear your feedback. Help us make these verticals...wonderful.

The Team

Stephen Chao

Co-founder with Mike G. I majored in Latin at Harvard. Spent two gonzo years hunting stories for the National Enquirer. My eyes were opened by the tireless curiosity of the case study method at Harvard Business School. Before the era of massive fragmentation, I ran Fox Television and USA Network. At WonderHowTo, our glorious burden is to explore those verticals we find...wonderful.

Mike Goedecke

Hi, my name is Mike and I am one of the founders of WonderHowTo (with Stephen Chao). My passion is filmmaking, directing and shooting to be specific. I got my MFA from USC film school. I'm on the set whenever I get the chance. I love Art and Design and have had my own company for 20 years creating commercials, network branding and short films.

Bryan Crow

Got started coding by hacking together a home-brew simon game for the SEGA Dreamcast VMU at 15, and more officially by studying CS & IT Management at CTU. Now 1 start-up sold, 2 kids, 5 domains, and 25 programming languages later, I'm proud to have grown the WonderHowTo network of sites from zero to over 2 billion pageviews.

Justin Meyers
Managing Editor

Writing has always been my passion, I just haven’t always known it. As a young child, I’d draw my own comic books with elaborate storylines because I thought I could do better than everyone else. In high school, I was the only kid who could get away with profanity in assignments because I didn’t just use it to be cool. When I became a commercial/industrial electrician, I’d complete crossword puzzles at lunch and write short film ideas at night. During my 4+ years as a US Army 11B, I fell in love with David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. and penned multiple novellas in my limited spare time that I believed would make great films one day. In college, I had the habit of turning three-page essays in 15-pagers because everything was just that fascinating to me. I earned my screenwriting degree at Columbia College Hollywood where I dabbled in film editing, cinematography, and photography, and found out that I excelled at script editing/doctoring. I began working for WonderHowTo part-time in 2008 curating videos for every topic imaginable, eventually hosting my own Scrabble blog, until I settled in naturally to a full-time editor position specializing in Macs/iPhones, my preferred tools of the trade. These days, I run Gadget Hacks’ iOS department and help maintain quality across the whole WonderHowTo network.

Dallas Thomas
Gadget Hacks Editor

I've always been a tinkerer — from taking apart toys as a kid, to working on cars for a living in my 20s. Almost compulsively, anytime I come across something new, I have to examine it from all angles and get a thorough understanding of how it works from the inside out. As you can imagine, that drive became an obsession when I got my first smartphone, and ever since then, I've been soaking up and exploring everything the mobile industry has to offer. I've gained a respectful appreciation for Apple and iOS over the years, but deep down inside, my true love is and probably always will be Android.

Null Byte Contributing Video Producer

I produce Null Byte's YouTube channel.

Tommy Palladino
Next Reality Contributing Writer

I am a communications professional with more than 19 years of experience in a variety of fields, including technology, manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. I reside in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama, with my wife Tiffany, my daughter Aria, my son Trent, a dog, and a cat. I consider myself to be a gadget geek. I've conned my way into playing bass for several bands. Finally, I am a fantasy sports legend.

Jake Peterson
Gadget Hacks News Writer

I am a writer and media producer from New York City. I studied Film and Television at NYU. I previously worked at Apple as a Technical Specialist, and at NYU as an audio technician. I love TV, movies, video games, news-binging, and finding the best tacos in NYC.

Jon Knight
Research Manager

I have been in love with Android since I saw how the notification shade worked on the T-Mobile G1. Since then, I’ve been fascinated by the constant innovation in mobile tech. The progression of cell phones in recent years has been truly amazing — from simply making calls, to texting, then internet devices, and on to where they are today. Phones were once frivolous possessions, but they’re now vital to all aspects of our lives. I have respect for all mobile operating systems (even Windows Phone and BlackBerry RIM, may they rest in peace) and recognize that they each bring something unique to the table. I’m also a huge fan of competition, and I honestly believe it is only with a competitive market that consumers win. I love all types of technology, especially those that advance humankind past our limitations and help solve problems that have plagued us for generations. I am particularly fond of video games, movies, and music.

Null Byte Contributing Writer

Evading security software has always been a subject of interest. My earliest memories of handling a computer involve gaining access to my siblings’ Windows 98 accounts and password-protecting arbitrary Word documents with unguessable passphrases. Later in life, I developed a fascination for wireless packet injection, the art of social engineering, and breaking websites with malformed input. Today, I’ve published over 100 technical write-ups, hold offensive security certifications, and share what I’ve learned over the years with whoever will listen.

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