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We launched WonderHowTo in January 2008 with our own money, and later, with professional backing from General Catalyst. Given our backgrounds in television programming, motion graphics, and software development, early on we chose to pursue instructional topics we were most curious about. With an original taxonomy of 476 categories, sometimes we wandered pretty far off the reservation. But we always kept exploring. More recently, we have chosen to narrow our focus into fewer verticals we found genuinely intriguing, inherently dynamic (and not evergreen), and ripe for future innovation.

To create even greater focus and expertise, in early 2017 with approximately 12 million monthly uniques, we launched the WonderHowTo Network. Four new sibling verticals, covering not just How-Tos, but the latest news, reviews, rumors, and insider information on the areas we find the most interesting. We would love to hear your feedback. Help us make these verticals...wonderful.

The Team

Stephen Chao

Co-founder with Mike G. I majored in Latin at Harvard. Spent two gonzo years hunting stories for the National Enquirer. My eyes were opened by the tireless curiosity of the case study method at Harvard Business School. Before the era of massive fragmentation, I ran Fox Television and USA Network. At WonderHowTo, our glorious burden is to explore those verticals we find...wonderful.

Mike Goedecke

Hi, my name is Mike and I am one of the founders of WonderHowTo (with Stephen Chao). My passion is filmmaking, directing and shooting to be specific. I got my MFA from USC film school. I'm on the set whenever I get the chance. I love Art and Design and have had my own company for 20 years creating commercials, network branding and short films.

Adario Strange
Next Reality Editor

I’m originally from New York’s East Village and have written about the business of technology for Wired, PCMag, the SyFy Channel, and Mashable. In recent times, I’ve been featured on National Public Radio (NPR) talking about the emergence of AR and VR in the mainstream and I’ve also appeared as an entertainment industry expert on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC News, CBS News, MTV, and in the pages of The New York Times. I’m recently back from living for several years in the land of the rising sun, Japan, and now divide my time between New York, LA, and Tokyo.

Tommy Palladino
Next Reality Contributing Writer

I am a communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in a variety of fields, including technology, manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. I consider myself to be a gadget geek. I've conned my way into playing bass for several bands. I am also a fantasy sports legend.

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