News: Apple Releases iOS 13.4 Developer Beta 2 for iPhone

Last week, Apple released the first iOS 13.4 developer beta with fun and useful new features, such as nine new Memoji, an upgrade Mail toolbar, and the ability to control your NFC-compatible car via CarKey. To add to that, Apple just released iOS 13.4 developer beta 2 today, but does the update have any more new changes to be excited about?

How To: Stop Your iPhone from Turning on Every Time You Pick It Up

When you pick up your iPhone, the display turns on. Often, that's convenient, since you want to use your iPhone anyway. But think about those times you're simply picking it up to take it with you somewhere. The display turns on anyway, and now you're accidentally responding to message, turning on your flashlight, etc.

How To: Enable Dark Mode on Your OnePlus with Android 10

OnePlus often introduces unique features that receive praise from the smartphone community. But they can sometimes change things up and confuse their users as well. Take dark mode, for example, which became a huge hit thanks to Android 10. Both Google and Samsung offer their dark mode settings in the same general location, but OnePlus took a slightly different approach here.

How To: There's a Fun Way to Switch Apps with Samsung's Gesture Controls

While Samsung's three-tabbed gesture controls are pretty intuitive, there's still a learning curve. By removing the buttons, you seemingly lose the ability to jump between apps with the quick switch gesture. I say seemingly since there's still a way, it's just not very obvious.

How To: Fix the Wizards Unite 'Device Incompatible' Error for Rooted Android Phones

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has gained quite the fan base since its launch, but not without a few bumps along the way. Niantic, the game's developer, has a long-running history with trying to block all root users on Android. The methods will vary for each game, but this time around with Wizards Unite, they appear to have a new detection feature at play from the recent 2.9.0 update. Let's find out what's going on.

How To: This Trick Lets You Jump Straight into Shooting an Instagram Story

When it comes to shooting a great Instagram story, spontaneity is often key. Who doesn't love seeing something unexpected pop up on their feed? That said, to catch those moments, you need to be quick, and the standard method for opening Instagram's Story camera isn't that. Instead, try this method the next time you need to document something in a flash.

How To: Samsung's New Lock Screen Shortcut Makes Your Galaxy's Flashlight Ridiculously Fast

Your Galaxy's built-in flashlight is handy, but if it takes you more than a split second to turn it on, it's not as useful as it could be. Thanks to One UI 2, you're now just a swipe away from instantly lighting up the room.

How To: The Fastest Way to Select Multiple Photos on Your iPhone

Whether it's to delete a few photos or share a bunch with another app, there are times when you need to select several pictures at once. This would usually be annoying since you'd have to tap every picture you wanted to select, but there's a much faster way to batch select.

How To: Save Both a Home & Work Address on Google Maps When You Work from Home

Google Maps lets you set home and work locations for quick access to navigation. In fact, these two locations are so central to the Maps experience that if you don't have both saved, the app can be a little naggy about it. But if you work from home, there's just one address to use, so what are you supposed to do?

How To: Record Video with Two Cameras at the Same Time on Your iPhone

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max introduced a new rear camera system to the iOS ecosystem. Each model has a new ultra-wide lens in addition to the wide one, and the Pros have a telephoto lens. Both have improved selfie cams too. With so many lenses, it can be challenging to choose which to film with, but why pick when you could shoot with two at once?

How To: Make the Most Out of Apple Books' Reading Goals

Whether you've made a resolution to try and read more books this year or are just looking to set time aside to listen to an audiobook a little bit each day, building good reading habits can be tough with a busy life. However, with iOS 13, Apple Books includes reading goals, which might give you that little extra bit of encouragement and accountability to help you reach your goals.

News: This Is the Best Power Bank for Your Galaxy S20 Ultra — Super Fast Charging 2.0 with USB PD 3.0 & PPS

When Samsung announced its new Super Fast Charging 2.0 system was based on USB PD, the industry rejoiced. By using an open standard, Galaxy users could pick from hundreds of third-party chargers in addition to first-party options from Samsung. Trouble is, this never came to fruition.

How To: Exploit WebDAV on a Server & Get a Shell

The internet has undoubtedly changed the way we work and communicate. With technological advances, more and more people can collaborate on the web from anywhere in the world. But this remote-friendly environment inherently brings security risks, and hackers are always finding ways to exploit systems for other uses.

How To: The Fastest Way to Switch Instagram Accounts

If you have two or more accounts logged into Instagram at any given time, you likely know how confusing it can get. You could like content, post pics, and share stories from the wrong account, as well as perform embarrassing searches that show up in the history of a shared work profile. Switching accounts is easy to forget once you open the app, so do it beforehand instead.

News: Did Samsung Really Just Blow the iPhone 11 Out of the Water with the Galaxy S20? Here's What the Specs Say

Apple has their regular iPhone 11, then two higher-end "Pro" models. Samsung went the other way — they have the Galaxy S20 and S20+, then there's the S20 Ultra. But one thing these smartphone lines do have in common is the base model flagship. How do they compare?

News: Did Samsung Take Back Apple's Crown with the Galaxy S20 Ultra? Here's How it Compares to the iPhone 11 Pro Max

The time to wait for an absolutely killer phone from Samsung is over. They've released a giant of a phone known as the S20 Ultra, and at least on paper, it's a grand slam. But only a few months ago, Apple released its first "Pro" iPhone, and it was giant in its own right. So which is better?

How To: Instagram Makes It Easy to Unfollow Accounts You Don't Like Anymore

Is your Instagram feed a bit cluttered? Maybe you're seeing posts from people you don't even recognize. Perhaps the content isn't interesting. Whatever the case, it's common after years of having an account to follow too many users whose posts just aren't doing it anymore. Luckily, Instagram has an easy way for you to purge unwanted accounts from your following list.

News: 5 Reasons Why the Galaxy S20 Is a Beastly Gaming Phone

Mobile gaming has exploded, with roughly $70 billion in revenue in 2019. This gave rise to the so-called gaming phone, headlined by names like Razer and ASUS. While the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are being marketed as everyman devices, make no mistake — these are unstoppable mobile gaming machines.

News: Nreal Pauses Smartglasses Production as Coronavirus Issues Impact China, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, & Nvidia Exit MWC

The deadly Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has not only has claimed lives in China but also has caused disruption around the globe, particularly in the tech industry. To date, the virus has claimed more than 1,000 lives in China, according to the country's officials.

News: Apple Just Released iOS 13.4 Public Beta 1 for iPhone, Includes New Memoji Stickers & More Convenient Mail Tools

After the lackluster update that was iOS 13.3.1, we beta testers were in need of some excitement. Thankfully, Apple delivered the goods with iOS 13.4 developer beta 1, introducing fun new features like fresh Memoji stickers and a new Mail toolbar. Of course, that update was for developers only, so we public testers are thrilled that Apple just released the first public beta today.

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