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Android Basics: A Series of Tutorials for Beginners

All across the web, you'll find guides on setting up various apps and mods for your Android device—but while these are certainly useful, they all seem to be working under the assumption that the reader has a certain level of knowledge about Android. For someone that's just getting started with the world's most popular mobile operating system, the basics of Android simply aren't covered as well as they should be.

How To: HTML Web Design Tutorials for HTML Heading Tags H1 to H6 Lesson 3

This HTML Web Design tutorial will explain how to add a Heading tag for your website. The heading tag is very important because it helps search engines to determine what the main topic is on a particular web page within your website. The HTML codes for heading tags range from h1 to h6 with h1 being the most important or in other words the main heading HTML web design tag. Make sure to give the h1 tag the most importance in terms of titles on your web page for headings. Another rule I recommen...

News: 4 Touched-by-the-Lord Potato Gun Video Tutorials

All of these four videos are excellent. You will notice that while all the videos and articles have slightly different design dimensions, they are fundamentally very similar. I urge you to view and read everything I am serving up. Then, my final words of advice are simply....choose between a barbeque switch and a taser gun. (Hint: there is a right choice, and there is a wrong choice.)

How To: Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0x11 - Command Line Arguments

In many programs on Linux, you'll come across programs which allow you to specify additional arguments instead of just simply running the program by itself. If you've used the Kali distribution, I'm more than certain you'll have come across these with the command line tools, else if you have been following these tutorials, we have already come across three tools which also use the same technique, i.e. gcc, gdb and wc. How do we do this with C? Let's find out.

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