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How To: Recycle a sweater into a strapless dress with Gianny L

Learn how to recycle a frumpy winter sweater into a sporty strapless dress! The sexy GiannyL demonstrates this DIY closet hack that's simple and cheap. All you need is one old frumpy winter sweater, pins, scissors, and a sewing machine. Cut along the pattern that Gianny L has demonstrated and sew. It's that easy. Now you have a sporty strapless dress and a matching jacket, too!

How To: Origami a speedboat

Watch this instructional video to fold an origami speedboat. You will need one large piece of origami paper. This instructor has designed a realistic speedboat pattern for the paper. He holds the origami paper in front of several completed origami boats, creating a sporty ocean scene.

How To: Pimp your ride for under $500

In this episode the team from Mighty Car Mods show you just how easy it is to turn your own everyday car into a sleek, sporty headturner. Working on a Daihatsu Cuore, this episode they are racing against the clock with only 8 hours and limited funds.

How To: Play "Le Freak" by Chic on the bass

Le Freak by Chic is a popular song from the 70's and the epic bass player on the track was Bernard Edwards. The song for bass players is all about sticking in the pocket and grooving hard when it calls for it. In this excellent lesson you will learn how to play each section of the song from the intro, through the extended bridge, and more!

How To: Make a hippie chic necklace

A funky hippie-chic necklace with a floral focal bead to help bring summer into your life. For this project you will need cord or thong, beads, a jump ring, eye pins, head pins, cord tips, jump rings, and necklace findings. Learn how to make this hippie chic necklace by watching this video jewelry-making tutorial.

How To: Apply chic makeup for glasses

In this cool makeup how-to video, the awesome Michelle Phan shows you how you can still wear makeup and look great with glasses. In this video, you'll find out how you can makeup work for you even if you have to wear frames, and look chic and stylish at the same time! Just watch and follow along with Michelle Phan.

How To: Dress like a tomboy

Fashion stylist and editor Clare Watson shows how to dress like a tomboy without looking like a boy. The video goes over common mistakes, including baggy clothes, low pants, and overly sporty shoes. Learn how to show off a more feminine, tailored, and flattering casual, comfortable look. Dress like a tomboy.

How To: Style a quick bohemian updo like Blake Lively

Only have a few minutes to get ready but want to look chic? No problem! Spend all the time you can on your makeup and clothing and do this super fast hairstyle to top it all off. This updo, inspired by Blake Lively's style on "Gossip Girl" is a very cute, stylish way to keep your hair up but avoid a boring ponytail. This look combines braids with buns and everything in between for a gorgeous look that won't make you look bald from the front like some 'dos. So, if you are short on time or pati...

How To: Look Chic

This tutorial video will teach you how to keep your clothes looking great over time. Keeping your clothes chic long after they're new is a special skill.

How To: Be French chic

Ever wondered why French women are so chic and stylish and fashionable? Here's why- some simple fashion and style rules that will bring out the femme in you. Be French chic.

How To: Get a chic & sophisticated look with light makeup

In this video, we learn how to get a chic and sophisticated look with light makeup. First, you want to prime your face and then spray brush on a foundation that matches your skin tone or is slightly darker. Next, set your face with a powder and lightly dust your entire face. Define your brow after this, using light strokes and a pointed brush. Next, apply a matte brown shadow into the crease of the eye using light motions and blending with the other eyeshadow colors. Now take a light shimmer ...

How To: Fold a fun origami treasure chest

Hone your origami folding skills - as well as craft a pirate-chic treasure chest that can actually store your precious plunder - by checking out this origami video. Your finger dexterity will be challenged by the curved fold, an advanced origami fold that leaves the leagues of angular folds behind in the dust.

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