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How To: Easily give your photo a modern look using Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most well known and used pieces of software available for your computer. It has revolutionized the way photographs are printed and is an excellent way to perform easy touch ups without having the subject need plastic surgery. Many publications use it to make celebs looke even better, and sometimes unreal, and is responsible for many fake and scrutinized pics. But despite all of its flaws, it's great to use if you're interested in giving your picture a little bit of som...

How To: Hack Apache Tomcat via Malicious WAR File Upload

Web applications are a prime target for hackers, but sometimes it's not just the web apps themselves that are vulnerable. Web management interfaces should be scrutinized just as hard as the apps they manage, especially when they contain some sort of upload functionality. By exploiting a vulnerability in Apache Tomcat, a hacker can upload a backdoor and get a shell.

News: This Cow Tongue Looks Delicious

Here's another jewel from Serious Eats series, The Nasty Bits: yummy cow tongue, complete with that lovely texture we all know so well. Though most us likely have a negative visceral reaction to the idea of tongue, Serious Eats make a compelling argument that it is actually one of the tastiest bits of the animal.

News: Seido and The Shadow

Not long ago in Rome during a Master’s Tennis Tournament something remarkable happened. In a tightly contested game, American Andy Roddick challenged a linesman’s call on a ball hit by his opponent. The remarkable thing about this incident was that Roddick argued against his own interest. He insisted that the opponent’s ball had landed inside the line and that he, Roddick, should NOT be awarded the point. Spectators applauded as if they’d witnessed a miracle. Imagine! Sportsmanship in a profe...

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