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How To: Repair damaged molding

This video shows the viewer how to repair a section of damaged molding surrounding a door or window. The method shown uses WD40 and polyester resin. Firstly an undamaged section of the molding is sprayed with WD40 and then covered in resin. Once the resin has hardened the WD40 allows it to be removed and used as a mould. The mould is then sprayed with more WD40 and is filled with new resin. This is allowed to harden and then removed. The resin replica of the molding is then sanded and cut to ...

How To: Install beaded plank paneling and molding with Lowe's

In this how-to video by Lowe's department store you are showed an intermediate do-it-yourself installation of beaded plank paneling and molding. He shows where you can get information on how to do this but then goes on to show the different paneling and molding you can make. He goes on to show how to measure and cut the paneling to your desired length. After describing how to measure and cut the panel he goes on to show how to prepare the paneling with the paint. He goes on to show the differ...

How To: Repair decorative figurines with molding clay and glue

This video explains how to repair decorate figurines using modeling clay as a clamp to help you glue it properly. It can be hard to glue broken figurines, because it's difficult to keep the pieces held together while the glue is drying. He suggests using modeling clay to hold the pieces together. First stick a hunk of modeling clay to your table or work bench. Stick one part of your broken figurine into the modeling clay to hold it at the proper angle. Take the other piece and line it up wher...

How To: Paint interior trim and molding

Before you paint the walls it is important to paint the trim first. A painting pad is a very useful tool for painting along the edge where the ceiling meets the wall. It has guide wheels on it and will roll right along as you paint the trim. Next you will want to paint your woodwork including your baseboards and trim. When you go to roll the wall first take some painters tape and run it along the top of the baseboard to keep the specks that fly off the roller from getting on the baseboards. U...

How To: Use crown molding

If you're looking to dress up an ordinary room, think about installing crown molding (also spelled moulding). Very few additions make a visual impact like crown molding, which gives a subtle yet elegant design element to any space. And with the proper tools and set up, installation can be easy. While wood is a common choice for crown molding, urethane is also a popular material. For a recent project we installed Fypon urethane crown molding, which is lightweight, flexible and looks like solid...

How To: Install crown molding outside bullnose corners

In this video, we learn how to install crown molding outside bullnose corners. An outside corner is normally seen as a radius corner. You will need three pieces of molding and move the blade to 22.5 degrees. Put the first piece in flat and then cut it straight down. Then, grab the other piece and turn it upside down and cut it straight down. From here, you will have a right and left piece at 22 degrees. Last, grab your center piece and cut it from the top. Then, flip the molding side down and...

How To: Cut crown molding using a ladder and sawhorse set up

This is a how to video that explains how to do the difficult task of cutting crown molding and how to do it with tools you have laying around, a ladder and a saw horse as a support, and a miter saw. The author of this video explains that if the molding sags then it will not cut straight and your seams will not line up properly. The author is using an extension ladder and explains that you can cut very long pieces using this process. He also explains that you will need more than one brace to s...

How To: Cope, or cut, molding to fit your room

When installing baseboards, crown molding ("moulding") and chair rails, it's tempting to cut 45-degree miters at the corners and hope for a sure fit. The problem is that most walls aren't square. Joining two 45-cut molding pieces may give you a square joint, but a square joint may not work for your crazy corner. In fact, it seems like every wall is just a “hair” out of square. This problem could be due to a framing error or a buildup of drywall compound in the corner. But even a perfect miter...

How To: Condition or knead polymer clay before molding jewelry

Art Jewelry Magazine associate editor Jill Erickson shows you a couple of ways to condition polymer clay. Conditioning, or kneading, is essential to drive out air bubbles and to better prepare clay for molding. Learn how to condition or knead polymer clay before molding or sculpting by watching this video jewelry-making tutorial.

How To: Replace old shoe molding in your home

It may not seem like a big deal, but it can be for some homeowners. Shoe molding around your cabinets and island tables, can asily be damaged or become worn out over a long period of time. Replacing it, may seem like a pain, but it's really simple and can be done in no time. Check out the tutorial above on how to replace old shoe molding in your home today. Good luck and enjoy!

How To: Cut a crown molding and coving scarf joint

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to cut a scarf joint in crown molding and coving. Scarf joint is simply two flat planes meeting on an angle relative to the axis of the stock being joined. Users will need a magic miter. The magic miter is a miter box for cutting miter joints at any angle in crown molding, baseboard, chair rails and more. Adjust the machine to a 45 degree angle and lock it. Put in the mold and cut it. Repeat the same step for the other side. This video will benefit th...

How To: Add molding to a door for character and detail

Looking for an inexpensive way to dress up those boring old doors in your home? Well, look no further as Ron Hazelton from Ron Hazelton's House Calls, and [], has got the cure for your ailing closet doors. In under two minutes Ron shows us the tools we will need, the materials, and techniques to use to take those doors from boring to beautiful in this amazing how to video that is sure to pique your interest and keep you coming back for more.

How To: Use molding UV resin to make jewelry

She begins by taking something she has molded with Amazing Mold Putty. She uses Magic Gloss resin which cures with UV light to fill the silicon mold and sprinkles some glitter onto the resin. She emphasizes that she's doing this indoors, because the resin will harden when exposed to light. She takes it outside to cure in the sunshine and says it will take about 15 minutes to cure. When it's done, she rolls a ball of Pardo clay. She pops the molded piece out. She presses the molded resin piece...

How To: Cut crown molding square dead ends

Here's a video that shows how to create a square dead end molding for additional design to your household. 1. Take the two pieces of crown molding and move them to the power saw. 2. Set the saw to 45 degrees right and cut a 90 degree outside corner in one of the moldings by setting it flat against the fence with the bottom of the molding up. 4. On the other piece of molding flip it upside down as compared to the first molding and make the same cut. 5. Now, move the saw to 0 degrees. 6. Take t...

How To: Reuse crown molding

Why throw away all that perfectly good molding when you can reuse in another project? Learn how to remove molding neatly so you can reuse it later with this home remodeling tutorial. With the tips from this how to video you can recycle your molding.

How To: Cut crown molding perfectly for your home

In this tutorial, we learn how to cut crown molding perfectly for your home. First, you will need to determine what spring angle your crown molding is. It comes in 38 degrees, 45 degrees, and 52 degrees. If you buy the wrong kind, it will not match your crown molding and will look odd. Once you have figured out what you need, you will need to cut the molding on the side that is on the back side of the bottom. You will also need to drop your block next to it to get it cut at the right angle. W...

How To: Cut nested crown molding with a DEWALT miter saw

dewalttv teaches you how to cut nested crown molding with a DEWALT miter saw. The advantage of this position is that it doesn't require a bevel angle. The bottom of the molding should be placed against the fence. To cut the right piece, set the miter to 45 degrees to the left and make the cut. To cut the other piece, the left one, set the miter angle to 45 degrees to the right and cut. You are done. This technique is useful when you don't want to worry about setting up a level cut.

News: Bend and Shape Trees However You Want in This Saturday's Minecraft Workshop on Tree Molding

Trees can be annoying in Minecraft, because they're organic and grow in unpredictable ways. But there are a few techniques for controlling how trees grow so that you can have a forest that looks exactly like you want it to! Come join us at our workshop this Saturday and we'll show you how to make trees grow how you'd like them to! Then you can compete to see who can make the coolest tree! Workshops are held on our server,, every Saturday at 12:01 pm PST (3:01 pm EST). I hop...

How To: Install base and shoe molding

In this video clip, our expert Tim Eaton, will explain the essentials of base molding, helping you understand the uses for it, as well as how to cut the wood, measure it, and install with nail guns. Learn how to cut the corner pieces, how to use a compressor and nail gun, and tips for applying inside and outside corner molding pieces correctly.

How To: Install a built-up crown molding

Installing molding in your home, is a great way to add character and elegance for an inexpensive price. Whether it's base or crown molding, it's a great option for your home and a good way to help bring up the value of it as well. In this video tutorial, discover what it takes to install built-up crown molding in your home. It's a project that will require two or more people and can easily take a day or two depending on experience. So good luck and enjoy! Install a built-up crown molding.

How To: Apply quarter round/soffet molding on bombe secretary

All the dentil molding is on and now it's time to add another layer. Tommy shows how the applied dentil molding looks and how the soffit and quarter round fit over it. He then attaches them to the case. Tommy cleans up the dentil molding with a chisel so it is flush with the quarter round. After gluing the final corner in place, the first part of the crown is done and Tommy can enjoy a victory cigar.

How To: Install shoe molding

If you have hardwood floors in your house, take a look at your baseboards. Right in front of the baseboards there is usually a smaller, curved molding about ¾” tall. How does this short molding look? Is it painted over, chipped and/or just beat up in general? If so, you can easily replace this molding and make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your room. And, it is fairly easy to do.

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