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How To: Mix a classic or fruity Long Island iced tea cocktail

Long Island Ice Tea is one of the most famous cocktails known around the world. To make one, first fill a glass with ice. Then pour about 20 milligrams of gin, 20 milligrams of white rum, 20 milligrams of tequila, 20 milligrams of vodka, and 20 milligrams of your favorite clear liquor. Add the juice of half a lemon (about 20 milligrams of lemon juice). Using a cocktail shaker, shake the cocktail about 3 or 4 times. Put a strainer over a glass filled with ice, and pour the cocktail in up to ab...

How To: 11 Fun & Useful Facts About Java

Coffee! It's so amazing that J.S. Bach wrote a comic opera about caffeine addiction. Meanwhile, more than half of Americans 18 years or older start their day with a cup of the hot stuff. Most of us take coffee for granted, but it's a bean that can surprise you. Read on to understand more about coffee and how to take advantage of all that it offers.

Real Brain Food: What Geniuses Actually Eat, Part 2

If you've already read the first part exploring what geniuses actually eat as opposed to what the rest of us are told to eat for brain health, you've noticed that there are some big discrepancies. Instead of favoring healthy, wholesome foods high in antioxidants, lots of high-achieving types tend to go for caffeine, sugar, and processed foods. One notable health habit practiced by many: eating breakfast.

How To: Freeze apples

Freezing is a great way to preserve the nutrients and lengthen shelf-life of food. No need to waste extra apples from the fall. Freeze your apples to be used in a variety of ways at the date of your choosing.

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