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News: Cryptic Comet Wants You! to Start Reading Game Manuals Again

For a long time, video games manuals were serious business. Especially for strategy games and RPGs on the PC, the manuals would often run to a hundred or more full-color pages in length. They explained in vivid and well-written detail the history of the game world and every facet of the gameplay system. There were pages upon pages of appendices explaining the statistics of every unit, faction, and terrain type. They were majestic, and I would spend an hour or more poring over each one before ...

How To: Find a manual for a used car

Need to know what kind of oil your car needs? How about your vehicle load capacity? What about the standard maintenance procedures for you specific make and model? All of this and more can be located inside your owner's manual. If you don’t have an owner’s manual for your used car, you may still be able to find one even if your car is an antique.

How To: Get your home ready for a new dog

Pet-proofing your house won't just protect your possessions from becoming chew toys—it could save your dog's life. You will need a dog crate, a dog who's ready to move in, dog manuals, pet repellent, electrical cord covers, baby gates and a dog bed or towels for bedding. These are helpful tips for pet proofing your home for your new puppy or dog.

How To: Tie a tie with the 'Christensen' (aka 'Cross') knot

This knot belongs to a bygone race and is one of the last remaining examples of old tie knotting. The knot was called "Christensen" due to its 1917 publishing in a catalog on behalf of the Swedish tie-maker Amanda Christensen. Its secret is not explained in any of the manuals of its time, and only in recent years has there been a renewed interest in the knot, and an explanation on how to tie it.

How To: Meet women without pick-up lines

David Wygant discusses how to meet women without pick-up lines. Men like to have instruction manuals with secret codes to tell them how to do things. Women, however, are simple to relate to and interact with once you get to know them. Don't manipulate a woman. Rather, use her language to make the connection. You can use tools to boost your success with women, but your initial connection has to start naturally and authentically. If you want an amazing connection with a woman, then you have to ...

How To: Make a miniature pumpkin pie out of polymer clay

Have you ever wanted to create a miniature pumpkin pie model out of polymer clay without the hassle of complicated crafts books or manuals? Have you tried making miniature clay models in the past and have had them disintegrate when drying the clay? This video will tell you step by step, how to create a miniature pumpkin pie out of polymer clay using a bottle cap, a fork, a small flashlight and a pen. This is a fun project for the family, and won't disappoint.

Tutorial: Password Profiling with CUPP

Greetings all. I'm back with another informational review of the diversity of utilities for use in the sphere of hacking at your disposal. Today we are going to cover the insides of CUPP (Common User Passwords Profiler) in its entirety. The tool is very basic in nature, as there is little to no configuration needed to get cracking (worst pun ever). So let's get started, shall we?

How To: The Way You Select Text on Your iPhone Will Change Once You Know These Hidden Tricks

While there's no denying that iPads are better when it comes to multitasking and productivity, your iPhone has a few tricks up its sleeve to rival even the best iPad features. One thing about iPadOS is that it's really easy to highlight editable text with gestures, but it's just as simple on iOS if you know all the secrets.

Locking Down Linux: Using Ubuntu as Your Primary OS, Part 3 (Application Hardening & Sandboxing)

Once you've installed Ubuntu with security in mind and reduced the possibility of network attacks on your system, you can start thinking about security on an application level. If a malicious file is opened on your system, will an attacker be able to access every file on the computer? The chances are much slimmer if you put the proper defenses in place.

How To: Maintain and repair your ATV

In this atv maintenance video series, learn ATV maintenance tips from certified Polaris mechanic Tom Roland. Tom will teach you necessary Polaris ATV maintenance based on professional atv maintenance manuals and service schedules. You will learn about the parts of an ATV, such as a Polaris 500. Tom will teach you about replacing the air filter on a Polaris ATV, how to change the oil in a Polaris ATV, how to check the suspension on an ATV, how to check the tie rods on an ATV, and how to diagno...

How To: Replace Pentalobe Screws on an iPhone 4 with a Pentalobular Screwdriver

You've all probably heard about Apple's attempts to thwart iPhone 4 users from opening up their own devices, thanks to their sly maneuvers in switching out everyone's screws with those funky pentalobular screws. But one thing Apple will never learn— they will never have complete control. Where there's a will, there's a way. And if someone wants to fix their own iPhone or modify it slightly, they're going to do it, regardless of what screws bind it together.

News: News Clips - August 10

U.S. slaps new sanctions on Syria, extends those against Hezbollah - The United States announced new sanctions against Syria and those supporting its embattled government Friday, focusing on Hezbollah and a Syrian oil company. » James Holmes’ Psychiatrist Lawyers Up Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!.

Weekend Homework: How to Become a Null Byte Contributor (2/17/2012)

Grab your thinking caps and get your hack on. Null Byte is officially seeking contributors on a weekly basis who are willing to take the time to educate the Null Byte community on anything, from hardware hacks to life hacks. Contributors that write tutorials will be featured on the Null Byte blog, as well as the front page of WonderHowTo (providing it's up to par, of course).

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