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How To: Perform the porta potty prank

If you plan on going camping or work at a construction site, check out this next video. In the tutorial, you find out how to perform the porta potty prank. Basically when someone has to go use the porta potty, you throw a rock down the air tube connected to the area where all the "stuff" is being held. Once the rock goes down the tube, it shoudl create a splash that should touch the victim. It's gross, but should result in some big laughs. So good luck, play it safe, and enjoY!

News: Rocket Power Your Lazy Boy

Since the days of Archytas, rocket propulsion has been the Holy Grail of aeronautics. Thanks to Galileo's inertia, Newton's laws of motion, and the "father of modern rocketry," Goddard, space is not a complete mystery anymore. Rocket-powered aircrafts have evolved from the first liquid fuel rocket in 1926, to the Soviet R-7 which launched Sputnik, to NASA's Saturn V that propelled Apollo 11 to the moon. Today, even billionaire tourists can enjoy space, like Microsoft's Charles Simonyi and Cir...

News: zipper crapper

since zipper rides have wide seats either connect two porta johns or find a "doublewide" 2 seater crapper. if you can get away with using just one crapper, cool. mount all safety harnesses and mount the the crapper in the ride mounts. have the guys fill the crapper/s up and have someone take the ride if you dont fill them with crap at least use the blue water or chocolate pudding

News: the porta potty trick

first u wait till someone uses the porta potty then u put a wooden shed in front of it and put a table and chairs in it then when they get out they end up in an office meeting we will be sitting there disgised as business guys they will trip out

News: poop deck/barf bag

theres a porta potty on the deck of a boat tell the victom to use the porta poty cause the one on the boat is broken when they use the poty they will be gassed with helium then hydrolicly forced out of the poty and slips on poop out side of the poty and tossed with 20 pound of piss for the ultament barf

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