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How To: Learn extreme macro photography tricks

Watch this quick instructional photography video and discover how to do extreme macro photography without having any real specialized macro photo equipment. Use a couple of your existing lenses to create a super macro lens. Practice these tips and improve your photography skills.

How To: Take striking pictures with telephoto lenses for digital SLR photography

There's a technique available for digital SLR cameras that most amateur photographers do not know about, or do not use correctly, and that's using a simple telephoto lens (long lens) to create blurry background, great portraits or awesome up-close macro shots. Without the telephoto lens, you lose a lot of the emphasis on your subject, because the background blends in, whereas telephoto lenses help create a degree of depth, blurring out the background, giving concentration on the foreground. I...

How To: Record macros in Excel 2007

In this Microsoft Excel 2007 for Dummies video the instructor shows how to record a Macro. Macros let you create a shortcut to perform a sequence of commands all at once. For example you can create a macro to quickly build a sales report template that you frequently use. When ever you run that macro the Word will automatically build the template for you based on the recorded commands. To write macros you need to have the developer tab enabled. To enable it click on the office button and at th...

How To: Insert macro from the Internet into an Excel worksheet

This video takes us through a process of inserting Macros from internet into a excel workbook. Two shortcuts Alt-F11 and Alt-F8 is used. Alt F-11 is used to open the visual basic window and Alt-F8 is used to open macro lists window that opens all macros. These shortcuts work in most versions of Excel.The steps followed:1. Go to internet explorer and the site selected is Teach Excel and in the home page you have to select free macros, you will come to page of macros.2. You can simply select th...

How To: Assign a macro in Excel to a button, check box & more

In this video tutorial we learn how to assign a macro to a button or a check box in Excel. The first thing you want to do is to place the macros you want to use in the spreadsheet. You can assign a macro to any object within Excel. Next draw the shape in the spreadsheet that you will want to assign the macro to. Then, right click on the shape that you've drawn. Then go down to assign macro and select your Macro in the pop up box and click OK. Now, anytime you click on the button the Macro wil...

How To: Write a macro by hand in Excel for beginners

The speaker in this video introduces the concept of macros used in Excel, very simply and lucidly. Two sets of shortcut keys are used, one set to create the macro and the other set to run it. The first shortcut opens up the VBA window (Alt+F11), with a workbook along with the 3 default sheets. This video puts the macro in a module. The procedure starts with typing sub and a name which can be easily recalled. The rules for naming the macro are also covered briefly. After the macro code is writ...

How To: Record and use macros in Microsoft Excel 2007

Whether you're interested in learning Microsoft Excel from the bottom up or just looking to pick up a few tips and tricks, you've come to the right place. In this tutorial from everyone's favorite digital spreadsheet guru, ExcelIsFun, the 52nd installment in his "Highline Excel Class" series of free video Excel lessons, you'll learn how to record and use macros in Microsoft Excel 2007.

How To: Use macro security options in Excel 2007

Some times when you upgrade your Microsoft Excel software to Excel 2007 your old macros may stop working. Some times this may be due to the settings and by enabling the macros you can get your old macros to work. Macros are turn off by default in Excel 2007. You can turn this on from the macro security settings. But the settings option is it self completely hidden. You cannot find it in any of the tabs present on the top of the program. Even the macros option present in the view tab has no se...

How To: Record macros in modo 301

This 3D modeling software tutorial shows you how to record macros in modo 301. Macro recording provides scripting for the rest of us! Learn how to record your actions in modo and turn complex modeling processes into simple clicks. Using macro recording when working in modo 301 will save your time and your mouse wrist!

How To: Enable blocked macros in Office 2007

Not sure what to do when you get a security warning about a macro? What are macro security settings, the Trust Center, and Trusted Locations anyway? Watch this instructional video to learn how to enable macros and make informed security decisions that can help you keep your computer safer while you work in Microsoft Office Excel, Outlook, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Visio 2007.

How To: Automate tasks with macros in Microsoft Access 2010

Learn how to use create macros when working in Microsoft Access 2010. Whether you're new to Microsoft's popular database management application or a seasoned MS Office professional just looking to better acquaint yourself with the Access 2010 workflow, you're sure to be well served by this video tutorial. For more information, and to get started using macros in your own Access projects, watch this free video guide.

How To: Check if a cell is empty using macros in Excel

Microsoft Excel is used to store and work on data by storing them in rows and columns in tables. You can use a macros to check if a cell is empty. To do this you have to know two short cuts. The first is the VBA Window short cut which is Alt + F11 and the other one is View Macros short cut which is Alt + F8. So open an Excel spread sheet and insert some data into a small table. Now create a macro for this tutorial. You can use and IsEmpty() functions to check if a cell is empty. Use this func...

How To: Use an Excel macro with relative & absolute references

New to Excel? Looking for a tip? How about a tip so mind-blowingly useful as to qualify as a magic trick? You're in luck. In this Excel tutorial from ExcelIsFun, the 264th installment in their series of digital spreadsheet magic tricks, you'll learn how to use a recorded macro to take a data set and add a new column, concatenate data from 3 columns, and delete unwanted columns.

How To: Take multiplicity or sequence photographs

Multiplicity photography is a type of photography where you take multiple images of the same subject in different parts of the same frame, then combine them digitally to create a photo with multiple different images of the same person, animal, or object in the same setting. This is also called sequence photography when it's used in sports. This video will show you how to do it with a digital camera and Photoshop, creating amazingly cool-looking results.

How To: Record custom macros in Microsoft Excel 2007

Want to record your own custom macros within MS Excel 2007? See how it's done. Whether you're new to Microsoft's popular spreadsheet application or a seasoned business professional just looking to better acquaint yourself with the unique features of Excel 2007, you're sure to be well served by this video tutorial. For more information, and to get started recording your own macros, take a look.

How To: Use extension tubes in place of a macro lens

In this video, we learn how to use extension tubes in place of a macro lens. First you will need to have your camera and a tube insert that will attach to your lens. Once you have this, you can attach it to the lens by screwing it on with your hands. Then, you can focus extremely close, much more than you would be able to do with a regular lens. After you have attached this, look through the camera and start taking shots close-up. Then, you will be able to see a better picture than you had be...

How To: Learn studio product photography tricks

This instructional photography video with Jim Talkington explores various studio photography tricks. Whether shooting products or people, the whole reason for studio lighting is to be able to define the things you want to define and to minimize the things you don't want to see in the photograph. Practice these tips and improve your photography skills.

How To: Learn tabletop studio photography with mirrors

This instructional photography video with Jim Talkington explores tabletop studio photography done with mirrors. Use just one light and several mirrors to light your subject. You can also use silver poster board or white poster board to reflect the light from the strobe. Mirrors are the best way to reflect most of the light in your shoot. Practice these tips and improve your photography skills.

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