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How To: Quilt as you go with your sewing machine

Quilt as you go is becoming one of the most popular quilting methods out there and this video will show you how to do the technique using only your sewing machine. This method allows you to create a quilt in no time flat. You'll need lots of fabric strips, squares or triangles. You'll also need baton and backing, thread and of course a sewing machine. You'll see this project appear before your eyes and your friends will be impressed and amazed!

How To: Make a candy bouquet for Easter

Tired of boring, run of the mill Easter baskets? Well, then its time to get crafty! Make an Easter basket bouquet out of candy. Your little ones will be delighted to receive this edible bouquet and adults will be impressed with how beautiful it is! So, this year skip the drug store's Easter aisle and get your crafting supplies ready as this video teaches you exactly how to make your own edible bouquet! Happy Easter!

How To: Make chocolate walnut chow mein bites with Betty

You've probably eaten chow mein, and you've surely eaten chocolate..but have you ever eaten them at the same time? In this tutorial, Betty shows us her famous chocolate walnut chow mein bites recipe. These funky treats are both salty and sweet and make a great addition to any party. Your guests are sure to be impressed by both the yummy taste AND your creativity! Enjoy!

How To: Remove and replace your iPhone 4 battery

While the iPhone 4G claims to have vastly improved battery life, some are still not impressed. If you are not convinced of your battery's longevity and wish to replace it, check out this clip. Apple won't do this for you and a repair shop will be pricey, but if you follow these instructions you can do it yourself. So, get ready to operate on your smartphone with this helpful tutorial.

How to Make Indian food: Mutton biryani

Indian Biryani is traditionally eaten at festive occasions. This is not an easy dish to cook, however, this tutorial will show you the whole process in a few easy steps. Check out this video and learn a much easier way of making mutton biryani. Your guests will be very impressed with your ability to cook this complicated Indian dish. Enjoy!

How To: Do an easy fishtail braid

Fishtail or herring bone braiding is a very cool new style. Essentially, a fishtail braid is almost like a backwards version of your typical braid. Fishtails require only two pieces of hair instead of three and are actually quite easy to do.

How To: Make blueberry muffins with Chef John

What is better than a warm, fresh out of the oven blueberry muffin in the morning? Nothing! Check out this video and learn how to make your very own muffins for breakfast, snacks, or anytime! This tutorial, from will take you step by step through the process of making these gooey, warm muffins. So, the next time you have company or are in the mood for something delicious, check out this video and start cooking! Everyone will be impressed with these perfect little guys.

How To: Use the fingerprint scanner on an Lenovo X60 Tablet PC

If I were to tell you you could login to your Lenovo PC using your fingertips, you probably wouldn't be very impressed. The Lenovo X60 Tablet PC, however, is equipped with a biometric fingerprint scanner, which is, in fact, quite impressive, and which you can use to login to your Windows machine in the place of a password. To learn how to use it, watch this handy how-to.

How To: Marry a millionaire man

In this tutorial, we learn how to marry a millionaire man. You need to branch out to territories where millionaires hang out. Look in the right places and you can even find the social register where you can find the names of millionaires. Go to charity auctions, art galleries, and more to find these guys. Start to study art and music and the guys will be impressed with you, making you one step closer to marrying them. You must also look the part, which means having nice things on your body. L...

How To: Install LED lights and a case window on an XBox 360

Your XBox 360 is a big part of you life. Probably about as big as your significant other. Make it your own by giving it some sweet case mods! This video will show you how to cut a window into the side of your console, install blue LED lights in it, and paint it. If you are one of those lucky XBox 360 owners whose real friends come see them sometimes, they will surely be impressed by this impressive mod.

How To: Wear a bandana in 3 different ways

There are three ways to wear bandanas, and each way has its own charms and merits. Should you call yourself an "emo kid", the choice is easy. Position the bandana with the knot at the back of your neck and the rest of the bandana hanging down your chest. You will be looking great for the next trip to the mall. If the "prep" look is more your style, move the knot off to one shoulder, letting the rest of the bandana lie across your other shoulder. Your friends at the yacht club will be impresse...

How To: Make a decorative bow

Ever been impressed by fancy gift wrap but didn't know how to create it on your own? This video will show you how to make that perfect decorative bow. In this tutorial you will go step by step about how to use normal ribbon to create a special bow. You'll take two separate lengths of ribbon, one thick and one thin and combine them for a fancier look. This tutorial will show you how to adjust the length of the loops and tie the look off for a final look.

How To: Make a California sushi roll

Always wanted to know how to make delicious California sushi rolls? Well watch this instructional video and learn the steps it takes to create the simplest sushi roll. All you will need is white rice, avocado, cucumber, crab meat, sesame seeds, mayo and seaweed roll. Follow along with the video and learn the simple techniques it takes to create this delicious sushi roll that will leave your friends and family impressed with your culinary skills. Just form a log with the white rice, wrap in se...

How To: Make marbled greeting cards

This video is about making a marble greeting card. The materials required for making them are marabu marble starter kit which consists of six marble paints,a marabu konturf paste, a polyester ball, a bowl, kebab sticks, a pencil, a cutting knife, a glue, sweat pieces of card, three cards of different colors and a bucket of water. The video starts by folding one piece of card into half and then cutting the ball into two pieces. Keeping the piece of ball as the center draw a flower around it on...

News: Just How Unbreakable Is the New Samsung Galaxy S5?

You've been there. Those precarious few seconds between dropping your expensive smartphone right on its face and reaching down to survey the damage. Or maybe you got thrown in a pool while your device was in your pocket, or you dropped that sucker right into the toilet bowl. Heck, I've managed to accidentally wash two devices by leaving them in my pants pocket when throwing in a load of laundry.

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