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How To: Do a judo throw

The Judo throw became one of the most famous judo moves for a reason. Done right, it is a devastating (and very cool looking) maneuver. In this tutorial, Judo Black Belt and BJJ Brown Belt Mark Massey teaches us the Kuzure Osoto Gari (and the more traditional) Osoto Maki Komi throw.

How To: Do judo Japanese martial arts

In this online video series, learn judo techniques from 12 time U.S. National Masters Champion Sensei John T. Anderson, as he demonstrates moves such as the compression arm lock, forearm lock, Hadaka Jin rear stranglehold, breakfalling, Juji Gatame cross lock, Kate Te Jume stranglehold, Kisa Katame, straight arm lock, Tai Otosha body throw, passing guard, Ko Uchi Gari major inside reap, leg throw, arm entwining, and Uke Otoshi hand drop.

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