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How To: iOS 16 Has a Hidden Unit Converter for Temperatures, Time Zones, Distance, and Other Measurements

Fans of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" will remember the Babel fish, the universal translator you put in your ear so you can understand every language you hear. While Apple has its Translate app, there's another iPhone feature reminiscent of the Babel fish, but it lets you convert measurements, times, and other units without having to leave the app you're currently using.

How To: Use the distance formula for two points

In this tutorial, we learn how to use the distance formula for two points. The distance formula is D= the square root of (X2-X1) squared, plus (Y2 minus Y1) squared. It may look confusing, but it's just a derivation of a theorem. First, find the two points that you have and graph them. If you want to know the distance between them, you cannot just count squares if it's a diagonal line. If you remember geometry, you can draw a right triangle over the line to figure out the distance. After this...

How To: Find the distance between two points

The user tries to explain to us how to find the distance between two points. It should be noted that we are not talking about using a ruler to measure the distance between two points. The video creator is talking about the math problem that involves finding distance between two points. He uses an electronic white board to explain to us how this is done. He goes step by step and uses a basic equation to help the viewer understand these concepts.

How To: Fit a backpack for long distance hiking

In this tutorial, we learn how to fit a backpack for long distance hiking. For scouts, look for a backpack with an adjustable torso so the pack can grow with you. After this, have the sales staff help you adjust your pack correctly, and measure how long the pack is on your back. You want the pack to fit you perfectly so you don't have back problems later. Try the pack on both on the hip section and shoulder to see how it feels on you. Tighten any adjustments to make it more secure, then you w...

How To: Use the distance formula

YAYMATH. This video is a demonstration of usage of the distance formula to find the distance between two given (x,y) points. In this video, the tutor guy who is teaching the distance formula to his students takes an example of two (x,y) points such as (5,-1) and (11,7). He then writes the distance formula on the board. The formula goes like this, the distance between two points, denoted by 'd' is equal to the square root of the sum of the square of (x2-x1) and the square of (y2-y1) where (5,-...

How To: Find velocity, acceleration, & distance by graphing

See how to calculate velocity from a distance time graph, how to calculate acceleration from a velocity time graph and how to calculate distance covered from a velocity time graph! From Ramanujan to calculus co-creator Gottfried Leibniz, many of the world's best and brightest mathematical minds have belonged to autodidacts. And, thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever to follow in their footsteps (or just finish your homework or study for that next big test).

How To: Make a long distance relationship work for both of you

In this video from Dan and Jennifer they answer a question about how to make a long distance relationship for the both of you. This couple comes from someone who has been apart from his significant other for about 3 months and she does not believe that long distance relationships can work. Dan and Jennifer tell us that long distance relationships can work but both parties have to be in it to make it work. A key thing is that people do need human contact. They tell him that he chose the job th...

How To: Find points on y-axis a certain distance from a point

This is video on mathematics. It specifically deals with geometry. The video describes how to determine where the y-intersects are when a point and distance to the y-intersect are given. The author starts out by giving an example ordered pair. The speaker next shows an example of how to solve such a problem. The speaker uses the distance formula along with the given distance and x-coordinate in order to solve for the y-intersect values in question. Most of the video entails solving this example.

How To: Break-up with your long distance boyfriend nicely

To break up with your long-distance boyfriend and still be on good terms with the guy is hard, but you need to be honest tell him exactly how you're feeling. Say what you have to quickly, and tell him it's not working out how you want it too. Tell him it's not satisfying you, and that it is not the type of relationship that you wanted or would be capable of continuing. Let him know that having a piece of him from a long distance is not cutting it and you just can't do it anymore. Don't lead h...

How To: Make a paper football for distance

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a paper football for distance. First, take a piece of copy paper and fold it in half on both sides, then fold in half again, making a crease. Next, fold the bottom of the paper down into a triangle shape. Continue to fold this down, making a right and then left triangle until you reach the bottom of the paper. When finished, you will have a small strip of paper left on the bottom. Tuck this piece into the pocket that you created with the triangle pouches...

How To: Have a long distance relationship

Professional Matchmaker, Samantha Daniels gives advice about how to date someone long distance. Long distance relationships are the most difficult relationships to have because you don’t have the easy and spontaneity of a regular relationship. However, if the person is worth it, you can make a long distance relationship work. Watch and let Samantha give you some simple tips for navigating and succeeding in your long distance relationship!

How To: Improve driving distance in golf

Once you start playing golf and have mastered the basics, you will need to improve your driving distance. Driving a golf ball for distance means having sound fundamentals, good swing mechanics and a great deal of personal core strength. Find out how to turn the shoulders 90 or more degrees to hit a long shot in golf in this helpful clip. As your game keeps improving with practice, you will be finding the hard shots easier and easier.

How To: View gas "empty" distance on a 2010 Ford Lincoln MKX

If you own a 2010 Ford Lincoln MKX, you probably never knew about this handy feature. Not only can you see how much gas you have left in your car's tank, but you can see an estimate of how many kilometers or miles your car has left until your gas tank is empty. This is extremely helpful if you're in unknown territory. Watch and see how to set your Information Center to see how much gas you have remaining until empty in your 2010 Lincoln MKX.

How To: Keep the fire in a long distance relationship

In this how-to video, you will learn how to handle a long distance relationship. This is important if you want to keep the fire alive in your situation. This depends on how long the distance is and how long the time is going to be. If it is only for a short time, you can start by writing love letters to each other. It is much nicer than sending an e-mail or text. If you have met while living in different cities, remember to spend a lot of time together when you have the chance. Talk daily and...

How To: Shot put for distance

Heptathlete Denise Lewis shows you how to do one of her seven events, the shot put. Legs are crucial and it's all about transferring your weight. You need to twist your hips and your upper body strength will get that shot flying through the air. Shot put for distance.

How To: Hit a pitch shot different distances

James McCormick from Deerfield Golf Club gives some tips for playing a better game of golf in this how-to video. By controlling the length of the backswing, the pitch shot distance changes. Watch this video golf tutorial and learn how to hit a pitch shot different distances. Hit a pitch shot different distances.

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