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How To: Build a drill press table for your woodshop

It is not that hard to make your own drill press table. Start with a 3/4-inch piece of plywood. Cut a 3/4-inch dado cut on both ends of the 3/4-inch board about two inches from the end. Top the 3/4-inch plywood with a 1/4-inch piece of oak cut into three pieces. When you cut the board into three pieces cut the center piece out with a 10-degree angle so that when you glue the two end pieces down the center piece will slide in and out but be held in place by the angle. This allows you to change...

How To: Install and use a dado blade on your table saw

If you plan on making any kind of cabinetry or beds or anything else like that, having a dado blade is a useful and handy tool. What this does is make a u-shaped cut into your piece of wood that is perfect for combing two pieces together to form a sturdy, solid joint. So if you want to find out more about dado blades and how to install and use one check this tutorial out. Enjoy!

How To: Make a zero-clearance dado insert for your table saw

If you're having a problem with chipping when it comes to using your table saw, it may be the type of saw you're using or it could be the lack of a zero-clearance blade insert. Although it may not sound important, a zero-clearance blade insert is an important piece that helps lessen the chance of chipping and it can be a real money saver when you need to make cuts into pieces of wood that don't come cheap. In this tutorial, you'll find out more about a zero-clearance insert and how it will he...

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