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How To: Make a cucumber mojito

In this video from RadioLynxContent we learn how to make a cucumber mojito, which is a local special in Whistler, Canada. For this you use fresh mint and a couple of slices of cucumber. Place in a glass and press down on the mint leaves and cucumber while they're in the glass. Next add 2 shots of Bacardi White. Then next add simple syrup which is half sugar, half water. Add 1 oz of that. Then add a bit of fresh lime juice and pomegranate juice. Top it with ice and give it a good strong shake....

How To: Create an elaborate cucumber tomato border garnish for a salad

Let's face it: When it comes to most elaborate food garnishes at restaurants, we go "Oh! How pretty!" and then toss it aside so we can chow down on the food, the beautiful adornment forgotten forever. Not so with this salad food garnish. Made from fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, this salad border is both beautiful and delicious. Easy to make yet impressively placed, it'll definitely garner you garnish compliments at your next soiree.

How To: Sear halibut with tomato, fennel, cucumber and mint

Secret Ingredient host Mark Law and Denver chef Jean Philippe Failyau of Osteria Marco take the mint out of the mojito and add it to a fresh summertime salad of cherry tomatoes, fennel, red onion, cucumber and mint, served over seared halibut. Follow along in this cooking how-to video as Whole Food's Market shows you how to prepare this delicious seafood dish. The tomato, fennel, cucumber and mint add a refreshing taste to the seared halibut.

How To: Make a mini cucumber for a doll & dollhouse

Showing how to make of a cucumber out of polymer clay. The instructor begins with the color of clay she is going to be using, greens and translucent. She makes six inner 'seeds', then she shapes them around a core piece. Around the middle, she wraps 2 layers of translucent clay, then a light green, and the final dark green outside. The whole time she's lightly shaping the piece into a tighter compact whole, saying this needs to be done while the clay is warm, and not to walk away or take any ...

How To: Cut cucumbers for use in sushi

This video explains how to cut cucumbers when you're using them in sushi. Begin by peeling the cucumber. Cut off both the ends then cut it right down the middle so you have two pieces. Hold the cucumber in one hand and skin it with the other hand. This is to be done in one, long, slow, rotating motion. The knife needs to be moving up and down the whole time while you are cutting extremely thin. This requires a lot of patience and time. It is very important to not rush through this. When you g...

How To: Prepare Laotian roast pork and spicy cucumber salad

Laotian roast pork and a spicy salad always go together with sticky rice. This recipe is an easy home-style Laotian dish. You will need pork, fresh garlic, MSG, salt, sugar, oyster sauce, cucumber, cherry tomato, chili, sugar, shrimp paste, and lime. Watch this video cooking tutorial and learn how to prepare Laotian pork roast and spicy cucumber salad from Thai chef Kai.

How To: Mix a Cucumber and Apple Collins cocktail

This is another very fresh, refreshing long drink. Chris Doig of Brilliant Cocktails used Hendricks which has cucumber infused in it as well as rose petal. This recipe uses Tanqueray which is also a complex botanical gin and it works well with this drink. If you want to use fresh apple, use an apple such as Fuji that is crisp and slightly sweet. The Collins is a drink in the family of the sour form of drink, so it is supposed to be minimally sweet. To learn how to make a cucumber and apple Co...

How To: Make a hummus and cucumber sandwich

This handy video from the Food Network program Sandra's Money Saving Meals presents a recipe for making a hummus and cucumber sandwich. It includes instructions for how to make your own hummus without using chickpeas, which should delight those of you out there who don't like the taste of traditional hummus. It is completely vegetarian, hearty, and delicious.

How To: Make cucumber kimchi

In this tutorial, we learn how to make cucumber kimchi. To make this, you will need: 20 cucumbers 3 inches in length, 1 c sea salt, 10 c water, 2 c garlic chives, 1 c green onions. For the sauce, you will need: 1 c red pepper powder, 6 tbsp fish sauce, 6 tbsp water, 2 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp minced garlic, and 2 tsp minced ginger. Once the cucumbers are cut, place them into boiling salt water and let sit for 15 minutes. After this, combine all the sauce ingredients and then mix the cucumbers up wi...

How To: Grow cucumbers up on an A frame using concrete wire

If you plan on growing cucumbers in your garden, a smart move is to grow them up. By that, grow them on something that will lead them up. This is a smart idea, because cucumber plants can take over a garden at any time and can actually come out much better when grown on something that leads up. In this video, you'll find out how you can do that and why following this method is a good idea. Good luck and enjoy!

How To: Mix a spicy cucumber margarita cocktail

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with this spin on a classic. Hope you like peppers. Fun fact: Cucumber is a fruit. You will need tequila, lime juice, sweet and sour mix, Grand Marnier, jalapeno, and cucumber. Watch this video beverage making tutorial and learn how to mix a spicy cucumber margarita cocktail.

How To: Make tuna stuffed cucumber appetizers

Watch this instructional cooking video to prepare tuna stuffed cucumber appetizers. This recipe includes written instructions in addition to visual guidelines. Use a can of tuna, mayonnaise, diced carrots, and a cucumber to prepare a simple hors d'oeuvre to go with dinner at home.

How To: Make an easy Thai cucumber salad

If you like cucumbers, then you'll love this unique Asian salad tossed in a tangy Thai dressing. You will need fresh basil leaves, fresh coriander leaves, lime, shallot, small red chili pepper, cucumbers, green onions, fish sauce, shrimp paste or sauce, soy or tamari sauce, a grater, a food chopper and a chef's knife.

How To: Make Indian style mint cucumber raita with yogurt

What we absolutely adore about Indian food is that rather than pouring in tons of oil, butter, and Crisco to add flavor to their foods (like most American dishes), they season their food with - gasp! - actually seasonings. Cumin, coriander, red pepper flakes and many more spices give their foodstuffs a sumptuous, rich flavor. And because there's minimal oil, Indian food tends to be rather healthy for you, too.

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