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How To: Transition from close to open embrace in tango

In this video, we learn how to transition from close to open embrace in tango. Use elastic energy to give you an option to open up and turn or send your partner into a line. For the followers, you should know how to be active with your embrace. The left hand should be on the leader's right arm, especially when they are sending you away. Doing this will help you transition from closed to open more easily. It will give you the correct positioning so you don't have any fumbles when you are tryin...

How To: Do close to open transition in tango via back bolero

In this tutorial, we learn how to do close to open transition in tango via back bolero. You can communicate through closed and open embrace by forming your body correctly. You need to use your embrace right and take your energy in your ocho factory and legs to get the dance right. You should be close next to the person but both of you should have a strong stance so you are ready to transition into different moves while dancing. As you practice, you will better learn how to dance and transitio...

How To: Fold napkins into silverware pouches

Embrace your inner Martha Stewart - and impress friends with your stylish panache at your next dinner party - by folding your napkins into a silverware pouch. Not only is it an easy and beautiful way to present your silverware, but it is also a nice way to avoid having to place silverware all perfectly on the table.

How To: Start your term paper research

Katherine Miller teaches the secrets of starting your term paper research by using concept mapping method. Use a large sheet of paper and a marker to map out our ideas. First take an example like "Succeeding at college and grades" and write down the factors affecting your goal. The most common factor is money, now write down the things that has an impact on money like jobs, business and loans. The other factors are outside life, health, places for help and study habits. Simultaneously write i...

How To: Create a 20s or 30s vixen look with your makeup

Looking to emulate the vixens of the 20's and 30's? In this makeup tutorial hosted by Smashbox Cosmetics, embrace your inner vixen with these tips and tricks on how to steal this look with your makeup. With a clean face, a natural matted eye with nude shades, and a dark winged out liner, you'll be channeling Betty Page in no time!

How To: Make a 3D origami Samurai hat for beginners

Japanese samurai warriors weren't all ferocious. In fact, many warriors prepared for battle by taking long, luxurious baths in concoctions of steamed rose petals so that in combat, their enemies would be taken off guard by the delightful scent just long enough for the samurai to plunge a well-placed katana into his loins.

How To: Perform boleos and sacadas in tango

In this video, we learn how to perform boleos and sacadas in tango. When you are learning this song, you need to first make sure you are following along to the beat. Work the combination of both of these dances, they go very well together. They will usually be first the boleo which will transition into the five step sacada. Do a good and strong ocho using your ocho factory and make sure to embrace your steps. Work the timing of the ocho into the point of no return and make sure you are standi...

How To: Dance the tango promenade

In this video, we learn how to dance the tango promenade with Homer and Cristina Ladas. The pattern to learn how to dance this you will start in an open body and use both your upper body and hips for a close and open embrace technique. There are several techniques, including stepping and turning over that can be learned while doing this. Do which of the techniques that feel more comfortable for you to do. When you start out, you will be holding the partner close, then as you continue the danc...

How To: Deal w/ passive aggressive behavior in a relationship

Dan and Jennifer tell us how to deal with passive aggressive behavior with relationships in this video. Being passive aggressive is not really being open with what your feelings are, this ends up ruining the relationship. This will create a growing distance between people, because they won't have a way to talk about it. To get rid of this behavior, recognize that you have a problem. Then, recognize that you are feeling angry. Own your anger and then come up with ways to talk to your partner w...

How To: Create an old TV effect in Premiere Pro CS3

Old TV's were not famous for their high-fidelity color, but the brown-saturated look they made standard now evokes a lot of nostalgia among viewers. Because of this, it may behoove you, the filmmaker, to know how to simulate that color effect without having to actually use crappy cameras or televisions. This video will show you how to create an old TV effect while editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. Embrace the nostalgia!

How To: Easily make a mirror box effect in Photoshop CS4

Since the introduction of Photoshop, people have embraced the many different elements that it has to offer. Not only can you take away blemishes and body fat in a matter of seconds, but you can also add other things that you could only achieve by using simple camera tricks. In this tutorial, you'll find out how to make a mirror box effect using the software. It's easy to do and really cool to look at. Enjoy!

How To: Fix a knot

Ever find yourself short on material and that one board you really need has a nice open knot in it? You could always go out and buy more material, but sometimes its just easier and faster to stabilize and repair the knot. And instead of trying to hide the knot, sometimes it's just better to embrace it and make it look look resinous and natural. And that's the goal here. Our guide uses an epoxy/dye mixture to create a stable and decorative knot. With a little elbow grease, and this video from ...

How To: Tango using rhythmic communication in 3s and 5s

Tangostudent shows you how to tango using rhythmic communication in 3s and 5s. This is a demo of a lesson that you can learn in a tango class. The class was focused on rhythm in 3, 5 and 7. You also learn how to communicate that rhythm in linear fashion or in turns. You will learn communication through the embrace and how it's communicated, and how dancers balance each other. A sample dance is then shown to illustrate those techniques.

How To: Double Your Treats This Halloween with a DIY Two-Face Makeup Look

If you're undecided on a Halloween costume, embrace your indecisiveness with a split personality Two-Face look, or go one better as an amalgamation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the epitome of multiple personality disorder. Or, you could literally give yourself another face, which is pretty much what German artist Sebastian Bieniek did in his recent DoubleFaced series. They're like a long-lost Picasso painting of conjoined twins on a living face, and in some cases, conjoined triplets. You can s...

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