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News: This Choose-Your-Own-Adventure AR Game Makes the Merge Cube a Compelling Stocking Stuffer

Did you forget to get a Christmas gift for that niece or nephew who you see once a year? If you're lucky, the Walmart near you may have a Merge Cube in stock. When paired with the 57° North game for the Merge Cube, the mysterious-looking cube offers the possibility of extended sessions of virtual adventure in the palm of your hand. Available for $2.99 through the App Store or Google Play, 57° North is a choose-your-own-adventure game that takes place in augmented reality.

News: Inklewriter Lets You Write and Share Your Own 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Books

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure novels? If your school was anything like mine, they were so popular you were lucky to find one to check out at the library. But there's no worries now, thanks to this handy HTML5 app, which makes it easy to write and share your own 'choose your own adventure' novels. inklewriter is a free tool designed to make writing interactive stories simple. Basically, you start typing and inklewriter helps you organize your story, making it easy to add, remove and...

News: Netflix Introduces 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Television — We're Just Waiting for Interactive House of Cards

Have you ever been on a Netflix binge and thought to yourself "man, these characters are so dumb. Why would you go back to the haunted house, Jenny? You know what's in there, and now you're going to die. This whole situation was so easily avoidable, JENNY." If you've ever thought you'd make better decisions than the characters in your favorite TV shows, Netflix has your back.

How to Play World of Warcraft: the Adventure Game

At almost twenty pounds (or so it seems), World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game may just be the biggest board game ever. Check out this video tutorial from Obsessed Board Gamers to get an introduction to what's inside the box and how to play it. You'll also see if you need to be a fan of the World of Warcraft computer game in order to enjoy this hands on version.

How To: Draw Dora from "Dora the Explorer: Pirate Adventure"

In this tutorial, we learn how to draw Dora from "Dora the Explorer: Pirate Adventure". Start out by drawing the outline for the character. Then, add in the details for the body, including the hand holding an eyepiece. From here, you will start to add in color to the hands and the clothing on the body for the outline. Add in the facial features and the features of the clothing as well. Then, you will draw in the hair and the hat, along with any other details you left out. Color anything you w...

News: What Was the First Adventure Game?

Adventure gamers would love to know what was the first adventure game. Well, it was a 1970s computer game titled "Colossal Cave Adventure", also known as "Adventure". Designed by Will Crowther, the game was in FORTRAN and initially had 700 lines of code and data, which was later expanded to 3,000 lines of code and more than 1000 lines of data.

Fragment 3D: A 3D Point and Click Adventure Game for Android

From The Day of the Tentacle to Syberia, adventure games have come a long way. We now have games developed exclusively for the Google Android platform and iPhone. The newest game is the episodic Fragment 3D, a point and click adventure game focusing on the adventures of a robot who is left to rust in the underworld. You will have to help him escape and help him unearth secrets and conspiracies.

How To: Write the Action/Adventure Screenplay

Well, we have had a pretty basic story structure in the previous couple of blogs. However, for the third act there is considerable leeway on how this story can play out. You can turn a story like this into a tragedy or comedy. Remember the line from the film Stranger Than Fiction "Tragedy, you die. Comedy you get hitched." Well in the Action/Adventure story, almost anything goes. For instance, GUY does not have to die, but CHICK could perish tragically. However, avoid cliches like someone jum...

How To: 9 Beer-Spiked Recipes for Your Next Cooking Adventure

If you're a beer lover, you can enjoy your passion even more by incorporating your favorite beer flavors into your next cooking experiment. Beer can be included in recipes for meat marinades, frying batter, chili, soups, bread and even dessert. And if you're concerned about getting drunk from these recipes, fear not—most of the alcohol will evaporate in the cooking process. But your dish will be left with a rich, earthy flavor that can only come from beer.

Minecraft Adventures: Questworld Shipwrecked #1

This is the beginning to one of my favorite Minecraft series, Shipwrecked. Three guys (Brent, Eric & Wes) film themselves as they go through an Adventure Map called Shipwrecked. Brent, Eric and Wes really get into character and make this series a must-see! It's hilarious and so much fun to just watch them as they go through the quest lines.

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