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How To: Adjust computer sound volume in Windows 7

If you have Windows 7 and you are trying to figure out how to adjust or mute the volume, then you should watch Helpvids “Adjusting the Computers Sound Volume in Windows 7”. There are many different ways to adjust the sound volume in Windows 7, and this video will show you a few including the little button in the taskbar, and hardware and sound in the control panel. This video will also show you how to mute a single application without muting your whole system. This is useful if you are having...

How To: Adjust volume with ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Flash Professional CS5

In this clip, we learn how to use ActionScript to generate a volume control within an Adobe Flash Professional CS5 project. Whether you're new to the Adobe's popular Flash authoring application, new to ActionScript 3.0 or are a seasoned Flash developer merely looking to better acquaint yourself with Flash Professional CS5, you're sure to be well served by this clip. For more information, and to get started implementing volume controls in your own Flash projects, watch this video guide.

How To: Find the volume of a cylinder

Need help calculating the volume of a cylinder? It's easy! So easy, in fact, that a complete and thorough overview of the process can be presented in forty-five seconds' time. Study for your next geometry test or just finish your homework with this free video math lesson, which demonstrates how to find the volume of a cylinder using v=pr^2h.

How To: Make volume light in 3D Studio Max

In this tutorial, learn how you make volume light in 3d Studio Max 2010. Learn what you can do with attenuation once the volume light is created. Don't have the 2010 version of 3ds Max? No fear. These actions will work in older versions of #D Studio Max as well.

How To: Find the volume of a pyramid

A pyramid is a three dimensional version of the triangle. In this video, learn how to find the volume of a pyramid. Finding volume is the next step after you learn how to find 2D area. Check out this tutorial and soon you will be tackling 3D objects just as easily as you learned their 2D cousins.

How To: Find the volume of a rectangular prism easily

Finding the volume of a rectangular prism is something you will need to master to pass geometry. You may also use this equation in some science classes. This tutorial will show you exactly how to find the volume of a common rectangular prism. The video also offers two different examples and step by step instructions. Follow along with this video and you will soon have this concept down pat.

How To: Find the volume of a sphere easily

Ever wonder how much delicious chocolate pudding you could fit inside a sphere as large as the earth? Maybe not, but after watching this video, you could figure it out! Follow along with the narrator as the formula for determining the volume of sphere is explained, accompanied by helpful visual animations that make the calculations come to life. And if you can't hear the instructions, you may need to check your volume.

How To: Shoot Bursts & QuickTakes Using Your iPhone's Volume Buttons

When you can't touch the shutter button on the screen in the Camera app, your iPhone has another way to snap a picture or take a video — just press the Volume Up or Volume Down button. But when it comes to bursts and QuickTakes, things are a little bit trickier in iOS 13 and iOS 14.

How To: 6 Hidden Audio Mods for Your Galaxy S9

With much of the hype centered around its powerful cameras, it's easy to overlook the equally impressive audio capabilities of the Galaxy S9. After all, the S9 and S9+ are the first Samsung flagships to feature AKG-tuned stereo speakers, and that's not even mentioning all the software enhancements that help deliver rich, immersive sound in several different listening situations.

How To: Set Default Volume Levels for Each of Your Bluetooth Accessories Individually

If you have multiple Bluetooth accessories, Android's volume system can be pretty annoying. For one thing, most phones reset to a "Safe Volume Level" every time you reconnect a pair of headphones, which means you'll probably need to turn up the volume once or twice a day. But even if your phone doesn't exhibit this obnoxious behavior, you might want your car's Bluetooth connection to be louder than, say, your home stereo or your wireless earbuds.

How To: Set Separate Sleep/Wake Volumes on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

When I'm not actively using my Samsung Galaxy S4, I typically crank the volume up all the way so I can hear it in my pocket or if I'm in another room. But when it's in my hands and I'm using it, I don't want the ringer to blast at full volume, or any volume at all. Either I'll see a notification come in, or a quick vibrate will call my attention to any pertinent alerts.

How To: Find the volume of a swimming pool

In this video, we learn how to find the volume of a swimming pool. To do this, you will first need to find the measurements of all the sides that are on the pool. After this, you will plug in the measurements that you found into the equation to find the volume. This equation is: V=AH, volume= area(height). So, plug in the area and the height to the equation for A and H and then multiply these two together. Once you do this, you will find the answer! Don't forget to label the units on the fina...

How To: Defragment your hard drive for Windows Vista

This is a video tutorial in the Computers & Programming category where you are going to learn how to defragment your hard drive for Windows Vista. Running a disk defrag is a great way to improve your computer performance. Go to start > control panel > systems and maintenance. Under the administrative tools click on "defragment your hard drive". In the next window, you can schedule an automatic defragmentation or initiate a defragmentation right away. To start defragmentation, click on "defrag...

How To: Use disk utility to format Mac drives

Gary teaches us how to use disk utility to format Mac drives in this tutorial. First, go to your utility folder in your applications folder. Now, look for all the drives connected to your computer. A disk is a physical drive and the volume is a hard disk on your machine. You can partition this to two volumes by selecting the drive and clicking "erase". Now, select the latest version of the Mac format and then choose a name. Click erase, and now a new volume will be created on your computer. I...

How To: Use volume and EQ controls on a mixer when DJing

Learn how to adjust volume and the relative levels of the bass, mid and high frequencies. While DJing might appear simple to the untrained eye, truly mastering the turntables requires as much time and dedication as mastering any other instrument. Fortunately, the internet is awash in free video DJing lessons like this one, which make the learning process easier than it's ever been. For complete instructions, take a look.

How To: Find the volume of a cube, cylinder, pyramid or cone

This video shows the method to find the volume of a cube, cylinder, pyramid or cone. Volume is equal to the multiple of the area of the base and the height or V=(base area)(height). Starting with the cube, the volume= [(side)(side)](side) or side cube or side^3. In the video side=50m or V=125000 cubic centimeter. Volume of the cylinder= [(pi){(radius of base)^2}](height of cylinder) or V=(pi)(r^2)(h). Substituting the values, V=pi(2^2)(4) cubic inches or 16pi cubic inches. Volume of a pyramid...

How To: Make your guitar sound sorta like a lightsaber

Marty Schwartz demonstrates a guitar trick--how to make your electric guitar sound like a light saber from Star Wars. First, he turns his volume knob all the way down. Then, he plucks the string, keeping the front side of the guitar facing away from the camera. Then, after he plucks the string, he turns the volume knob up as he waves the neck of the guitar in his hand like a light saber. The volume knob is turned down as the guitar swings to the side, and turned back up as it nears the listen...

How To: Style short hair and get volume

This video demonstrates how to style short hair and get volume. If you have side bangs, part them around and up from the arch of the eyebrow. Make sure you have a blow-dryer and a large round brush, as well as a hair serum, and clips. Rub a quarter size amount of the serum on the ends of your hair, trying to avoid the roots. Put mousse on the hair roots near the top of your hair where the volume will matter the most. Section your hair off at the top and begin blow-drying by lifting the hair u...

How To: Add volume to short hair

This video shows how to add volume to short hair for anyone with flat or fine hair. Dean Banowetz shows how to add volume using the InStyler Rotating hot iron in this video tutorial. To use this tool, take a section of hair and then curl under to create body at the root of hairs. Do this all around the crown and sides. Then, repeat the same steps for the lower parts of the hair making sure to curl the hair to frame the face. You can fluff up the hair after you have curled a section to avoid h...

How To: Use a formula to calculate the volume of a cube

Calculating the volume of a cube is very important in high school geometry classes. Calculating the volume of a solid can be confusing at first, but with a little practice you will be able to get it right. In this tutorial, high school math teacher Doug Simms teaches you exactly how to calculate the volume of a cube and offers examples so you can follow along. Listen to Mr. Simms and you will be at the top of your class!

How To: Find the volume of a cylinder quickly

In this video the tutor shows how to find the volume of a cylinder. He relates the cylinder to real world examples of cans etc. Now he states the formula of the volume of the cylinder as the area of the base circle multiplied by the height of the cylinder. So the formula turns out to be V = Pi * r * r * h, where r is the radius of the base circle and h is the height of the cylinder. He solves a sample example to give you the idea of the problem. This video shows you how to find out the volume...

How To: Find the volume of a cone quickly

For people who are interested in math or who need to know how to find the volume of a cone for any reason, whether it be homework or architecture, this video will show you how to do so. The formula for finding the volume of a cone is (1/3) pi x radius^2 x height. You can find the radius of your cone by finding half the length across the center of the circle which is the cone's base. After plugging in all the values into this equation, you will be able to find the volume of any cone when given...

How To: Customize Navigation Prompts on Apple Maps for Clearer Spoken Directions

When it comes to traveling from one location to another with the aide of your iPhone, ensuring your navigation app works as it should keeps you one step ahead of potential hassles. One feature often overlooked is audio settings, and while having no voice prompts is easy enough to ignore while walking or commuting, having no sound to guide you while driving can spell disaster.

How To: Quiet Noisy Apps Automatically with This Ingenious App

You can do practically anything with a modern smartphone or tablet, so it stands to reason that the apps you have installed may serve vastly different purposes. Picture a game and a video player sitting right next to each other in your app drawer—odds are, you want the sound turned up while you're watching videos, but would prefer that the game was muted or a little lower. As a result, we're constantly tweaking volume levels to get the best experience.

How To: Boost volume on your iPhone/iPod

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to boost the volume on an iPod Touch or iPhone. Begin by opening the iTunes program and select all the songs in your library. To select all the songs, simply press the Control and A keys. Then right-click and select Get Info. When a window pops up, click on Yes. Now click on the Options tab and set the Volume Adjustment to 100%. Finish by click OK. This video will benefit those viewers who have an iPod device, and would like to learn how to boost the ...