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How to Beat Killzone 2: Visari Place

Check out this walkthrough of Killzone 2 : Take Visari's compound and eliminate General Radec. Machinima.com presents their video game cheat series: Killzone 2 Walkthrus. Machinima.com is the premier online entertainment network showing trailers, gameplay, montages & original series created in video games. This is their walkthrough / walkthru of hit game Killzone 2.

How To: Walkthrough God of War III — Helios's Head

In the City of Olympia, you'll find Helios. This is one hard battle Kratos must endure, and your want to get the Head of Helios. At first, Helios will be protected by a bunch of men with shields who you can't immediately attack. Once you win, you'll need to lay your hand over Helios to block out the sunlight. Watch the walkthrough for Helios's Head in God of War III on PS3.

How To: Walkthrough God of War III — Opening Introduction

See how it all begins in God of War 3 with this video walkthrough of the opening introduction to the video game. Learn all about Kratos and his status as God of War. The hands of death could not defeat him, the sisters of faith could not control him, and on this day, the man, the legend, the Kratos, will have his revenge! Watch the walkthrough for the Opening Introduction of God of War III.

How To: Walkthrough Super Castlevania IV on the SNES

Watch this 11-part video tutorial on how to walkthrough Super Castlevania IV on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Anybody who's owned an SNES knows this video game is a classic! It features the same plot and premise as the first Castlevania on the NES, and it was also eventually released on the Wii's Virtual Console. Cychreus provides these video walkthroughs of the classic SNES game.

How To: Audition for the Disney Channel

Are you a young aspiring actress? A triple threat? Many top singers and entertainers today got their start on the Disney Channel. In this video, learn how to get that audition with the Disney Channel... Who knows, it could be your big break!

How To: Speak in a New York dialect

Who doesn't want to be able to speak like a New Yorker? Whether for acting, comedy or impressing your friends and family, speaking in a New York dialect will provide you with hours of entertainment. Learn how to speak in a New York dialect in this free video series from communications and public speaking expert, Tracy Goodwin.