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How To: Connect to the internet on a Palm Treo 800w cell phone

Surf the web at broadband speed or connect to a WIFI hotspot with the Palm Treo 800w. The Palm Treo 800w comes integrated with internet capabilities, so that you'll never have to go without a connection. Watch this video cell phone tutorial and learn how to use an internet browsert on a Palm Treo 800w. Connect to the internet on a Palm Treo 800w cell phone.

How To: Root Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Smartphone

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the world's best selling smartphone, there a few people that find the device just a bit too large. With a 4.8 inch display and 136.6 x 70.6mm dimensions, the phone can be slightly large for kids—and adults with small fingers. It can even be a hassle to put into your pocket, so that's why Samsung decided to release the Galaxy S III Mini. With a smaller frame, the phone is perfect for those that want all of the Galaxy S III features but want a more compact size. J...

How To: Boot Ubuntu on a Macbook From USB

For Windows laptops and PCs it's easy to install Linux. However for Macs, it's a different story. There are people installing Ubuntu on Macbooks and so far I've noticed that they are using 9.10. I've remastered my own Ubuntu 10.04 complete with playing flash videos and other applications already pre-installed on a DVD. Plus, it can boot on laptops with Nvidia graphic cards. If you'd like to see my workaround for Nvidia check out my article on remastering Ubuntu.

News: Get High Without Taking Drugs

I recently went to see a friend's group show at the San Antonio Museum of Art, Psychedelic: Optical and Visionary Art since the 1960s (it's a great show- if there are any Texans reading right now, don't miss it. It's up until August). A couple of mind bending op art paintings by Susie Rosmarin really stood out.

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