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How To: Make a foil welding machine

Having a hard time holding on to items that need welding? Then watch this how to video to learn how to make a quick foil welding machine. It is really very simple to make this apparatus that will help with your welding projects. All you need is two small boards and two screws.

How To: Get started with welding

Welding is a method of permanently joining metal pieces together. If you're looking to get started in the field either as a hobby or as a career, then check out this great video. In it you will get tips on how to get started and where to look as well as what tools you will need.

How To: Make a skateboard rail without any welding

When it comes to skateboarding, one of the most coolest and difficult things to do is grind on a rail. It takes balance and the right footing to do so, otherwise it can result in damage to the feet or legs and even damage to the groin area. OUCH! So if you're brave enough and want to train to imrpove your skills this tutorial will help. Find out how to make a skateboard rail at home without the need of any welding. Enjoy!

How To: Choose welding gloves

Keeping the hands protected from burns or rough equipment is the main requirement of welding gloves. There are a few things to look out for: quality material (all leather), reinforcements, good stitching, softness, toughness, comfort, and length. Watch this video welding tutorial and learn how to choose an appropriate pair of welding gloves.

How To: Be safe when welding

In this welding safety video series, learn from expert welder and welding teacher Malcolm MacDonald as he gives welding safety instructions, tips, and techniques on topics including: safety equipment (gloves, helmets); protecting yourself from fumes, fires, welding smoke, electric shocks; what not to do; welding on closed vessels; welding in wet conditions; handling gas cylinders; proper ventilation; tool safety; and tripping hazards.

How To: Get tips for beginning arc welding

In this instructional video series, learn both safety tips and beginning welding techniques for shielded metal arc welding. Perfect for novice welders, these lessons cover basics like running a bead of weld, choosing the right electrode for the job, helmet safety, and how to strike an arc every time. Learn how to weld the right way!

How To: Begin welding with the proper tools

Interested in metal inert gas welding? This video tutorial provides some sage advice for beginning MIG welders. It's important not to dive into your welding projects without the proper tools. You will need a welding table, and wire brushes for steel and aluminum. You will also need wire cutters, sheet metal shears, a canister for storing stick electrodes, a chipping hammer, and an angle grinder. Once you have these simple tools on hand, you can begin to troubleshoot with larger welding equipm...

How To: Strike an arc with a welding electrode

In order to properly strike an arc with a welding electrode, the idea is to make contact between the metal of the arc being welded and the electrode that is doing the welding. While practice is the best way to learn how to weld, some tips can give a solid beginning. Watch this video welding tutorial and learn how to strike an arc with a welding electrode.

How To: Get started with MIG welding

Ever needed to know the the basics of metal inert gas welding? This beginner's guide displays the necessary safety gear, such as the all-important welding mask and deer skin gloves. You'll also learn of some basic equipment options for gas cylinders, welding wires, feeders, and the essential parts of a welding gun. Follow these safety guidelines before getting started with MIG welding.

How To: Run a bead in beginning MIG welding

Curious about the basics of metal inert gas welding? Watch this instructional welding video for some vital safety tips. A shielding gas tank contains 3,000 psi of pressure, so keep your welding equipment safe distance from your high pressure tanks. To run a bead, you need to set your wire feed speed and your voltage in order to begin welding with an average angle iron. This video provides all of the preliminary steps to running a short bead.

How To: Perform a butt weld

In this tutorial, we learn how to perform a butt weld. First, read the settings for your welding machine and make sure you have everything set up in order. Now, place protective gear onto your body and start to perform your weld. Use caution and make several holes into the metal. You can do this on a small piece or try a larger one once you are comfortable enough. Make sure you are using the push and pull method while welding, pushing into the metal and then pulling back out. When you are fin...

How To: Weld figurines

Watch this instructional metalsmithing video to weld a set of figurines out of sheet metal, nails, and a coat hanger. Oxy-acetylene welding is the only gas flame type of welding that is hot enough to melt all commercial metals. Use 22 gauge sheet metal to make clean and safe metalwork. Use a plasma cutter to quickly cut out the basic pieces. You can also use a blacksmithing hammer to bend the metal into unique props fpr your metal figurines.

How To: Weld an oil pan

In this video, we learn how to weld an oil pan. Make sure you are wearing protective gear on your face before you do this. Take your welder to your oil pan, then start to weld it while you are underneath it or you have the car pushed up all the way. Place a patch for welding over the part of the oil pan that is leaking. After this, use your welder to connect the patch together with the pan. This ill take several minutes to weld together, and when you are done you can let this cool and fill yo...

How To: MIG weld two pieces of sheet metal together

This Mig Welding Video Demo shows how simple and easy it is to use a MIG welding machine. Mig Welding Machines are use throughout the world. They are the suited for many welding applications. This video demonstration demonstrates Mig welding by welding two pieces of sheet metal together. Watch this video welding tutorial and learn how to fuse two pieces of sheet metal together with a Mig welder.

How To: Mig weld using the push technique

This MIG Welding Video shows the demonstration of a push welding technique that is use when mig welding. When mig welding you can either push or pull the welding torch. The push technique is the most common. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to weld using the push technique.

How To: MIG weld

In this online video series of welding instructions learn from expert welder Mike Rogers as he teaches and demonstrates how to MIG weld. In these demonstrations learn how to use a mig welder including purchasing a mig welder, welding safety, how to set up a mig welder, loading wire into a mig welder, how to prepare metal for welding, preparing and welding a butt joint, tacking a weld, welding an angled joint, how to do puddle joints, and how to clean a welder.

How To: Arc weld

This video welding tutorial shows two arc or stick welding machines and explains how to connect the leads and hook it up ready for welding. Those interested in welding for metalwork will learn the proper machinery and equipment needed for welding and how to use the equipment correctly. Watch this instructional video and start welding.

How To: Get techniques for tig, mig and arc welds

In this video clip series, our expert will demonstrate the ways in which you prepare a welding machine, manage voltage and energy levels as well as techniques for the different modes of operation and equipment. Learn how to use the weld supplies, tig, wig and arc welds and more. Techniques such as the “Push and Pull” are explained and demonstrated, as well as basic information such as setting up the welding machine and an introduction to the gases used for welding are included.

How To: Use an arc weld

In this instructional video series, learn both safety tips and beginning welding techniques for shielded metal arc welding. Perfect for novice welders, these lessons cover basics like running a bead of weld, closed vessel safety, electrode care and maintenance, helmet safety, and how to strike an arc every time. Learn how to weld the right way!

How To: Weld yard art

In this video series, our expert Chris Ramirez will show you how to make and weld yard art. He will teach you about all the tools you will need to make your yard art, teach you a bit about yard art in general, and teach you how to be safe while doing your welding.

How To: Target weld vertices in 3ds Max

In this 3ds Max video tutorial you will learn how to target weld vertices. Welding vertices is a basic operation in all polygonal modeling applications. Another name for this operation is "consolidating points". Watch this video created by Video Tutes, and start learning from the expert! Make sure to hit "play tutorial" in the top left corner of the video to start the video. There is no sound, so you'll need to watch the pop-up directions. Target weld vertices in 3ds Max.

How To: Convert your motorcycle to electric power

This how-to video shows how to build your own electric motorcycle; a nice way to change from gas to batteries to save the environment. There is lots of welding, but the key to welding is dropping the piece and checking if it stays together. Spindles and sprockets must align and then you are set. Check out this video customization tutorial and learn how to convert a motorcycle to electric power.

How To: Make a soldering iron out of a graphite pencil and jumper cables

Now this is one how-to video you probably don't come across often. While most jewelry makers and welders probably purchase their soldering irons, it's actually possible to make your own soldering iron out of graphite pencil, car battery and jumper cables. We know it sounds like you're going to end up lit up like those much-parodied dads trying to set up Christmas lights on the rooftop during the holidays, but this process actually works quite well.

How To: Make infrared goggles

Kip Kay of Make Magazine will teach you how to turn welding goggles into infrared goggles with the hack he outlines in this how-to video. The entire project only costs $10. To replicate this hack at home and build your own pair of steampunk infrared goggles, follow along with the steps in this video tutorial. Just don't look at the sun!

How To: Do a flaming ice experiment

In this fascinating "how to" video, you will see how a simple process creates the illusion of ice that is burning. Only a few items are needed to enact this scientific experiment. As the narrator describes, "Calcium carbide reacts with water to form acetylene gas." To illustrate, the video shows a bowl of ice cubes, to which the special ingredient is added. As the ice melts into water, it reacts with the calcium carbide, forming the high flammable acetylene gas, which is often used in welding...

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