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How To: Organize your closet by establishing a wardrobe system

In this tutorial, we learn how to organize your closet by establishing a wardrobe system. If you have tops that you wear during the day, put these on a different colored hanger than your nighttime tops. Color code these in your closet and then hang up your nighttime tops with a light wood or your choice hanger. If you have other random tops, you can hang them according to how you would wear them the most. Dresses can be hung on another color hanger and then pants can be worn on another color ...

Dress to the Nines: 7 DIY Tricks for Keeping Your Wardrobe Looking Shiny and New

Refresh your wardrobe without buying a single new article of clothing. Yep, it can be done. Because who really has the money these days to splurge on new clothes? And no, you don't have to be a DIY sewing genius to work with what you already have. Sometimes it's a matter of simple improvements, like making your dingy white tank top look super white again, or fixing those embarrassing scratches on your formerly spotless leather shoes.

Dressing Without Undressing: Tips & Tricks for a Family-friendly Summer Wardrobe

People get excited when summer comes around: it gets warmer, there’s sunshine, and the seasonal affected disorder that persists through those long, dark, grey winters starts to lift. This is pretty exciting, especially in my part of the world, where winter is VERY long and cold. Since we have such a long winter, people don’t have very large summer wardrobes, or much practice dressing for the heat. It’s important, even when it’s really hot outside, to look like a person in clothes, and not a p...

How To: Accessorize Your Wardrobe with Belts

By accessorizing with belts, you can get many different looks from the same wardrobe pieces. In the video, we'll show you the latest trends for accessorizing with belts and maximizing your wardrobe. Use a lip stain to finish your look and add another pop of color. Example Product: CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain

How To: Make a human form Midna costume from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

If you're a Zelda fan and are looking to do something different for your cosplay, or Halloween outfit, then there's a chance that you haven't tried being Midna in her human form after you complete the game Twilight Princess after reassembling the mirror. In this video you will get a full tutorial on how to create the costume from scratch including making the headpiece and trinkets yourself!

How To: Make a Mermaid Tail Costume

Make your underwater dreams come true by turning yourself into a bona fide swimming mermaid. If mermaids did exist, you would be the perfect candidate to transform into the mythical creature. So check out this video tutorial form Little Orca to learn how to make your own mermaid tail costume.

How To: Make a Transformers costume

If you're a little boy (or a little kid at heart), then Transformers are like the coolest thing ever. They're super hot cars, trucks or bikes that then transform into super hot robots with missles and impenetrable armor and all that jazz. Make your son's favorite transforming robots a reality by dressing him up as a Transformer this Halloween.

How To: Make a space suit

Are you planning on making your own version of Star Trek, but don't have the kind of money J. J. Abrams has? Don't worry. Indy Mogul shows you how to make a futuristic space suit for less then $50 dollars. Plus special guest Rudy Jahchan of Galacticast!

How To: Create a Codex avatar costume

In this tutorial, we learn how to create a Codex avatar costume. First, find a long white lace dress for the base of the costume. After this, mark the length you want, then cut the seam and sew on the end to avoid any frays. After this, use remaining lace to make a piece of fabric that you can bedazzle and add gold ribbon to. Apply cuffs to the dress, then wrap a red corset around the top of the dress on your waist. After this, make a necklace that has red jewels in the middle of it and wear ...

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