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How To: Do heelside back rolls while wakeboarding

Fear is the mind killer! Check out this instructional wakeboarding video by one of the UK's top Wakeboard coaches. This tutorial shows you how to do a backroll. Before you progress to a heelside backroll you have to be sure of your heel side edge and your heelside wake jumps. The bigger and better you can get on those, the more chance you have of mastering the heelside back roll. Learn how to do a heel side back roll with this tutorial.

How To: Perform a front flip on a wakeboard

In this how-to video, you will learn how to do a front flip using a wake board. The goal is to take it big and take it out to the flats. Do not cut out as far as you can. Take the handle locked in the same position, comfortably towards the chest. This is held in the same position throughout the flip. As for the body position, notice that the rider is in a comfortable knees bent position. Slowly ride off the edge as you approach the wake. This will lessen the pull of the rope at takeoff. This ...

How To: Perfect your toeside edging on a wakeboard

In this how-to video, you will learn how to get toe side leverage with this edging drill. This will teach you how to edge properly toe-side. If you are edging out in a bad position, this will cause you to use a bad position with muscle memory. If you edge out properly, you will reinforce a good habit so that you naturally use the position. First, stay outside of the wake. Remove the lead and grab your board shorts so you're forced to edge with your rear hand on the handle. You will have to ed...

News: The Backflip Brothers (Tandem Isn't for Sissies Anymore)

Some may say riding tandem is reserved for girly girls, seniors and little kids, but anybody would be hard pressed to call brotherly X-Gamer duo Colton and Caleb Moore sissies. At first thought, executing a two-men-clutching-each-other-on-a-snowmobile-backflip might be construed as somewhat odd, but the risk of two dudes potentially falling to their death is two times more thrilling than just one.

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