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How To: Delete cookies in Internet Explorer 7

Cookies serve their purpose in Internet Explorer 7. They let the browser know which sites you have visited so you don't have to get security prompts every time you back to them. However, they can also slow down your browser, which can be frustrating. This video will show you how to delete cookies in Internet Explorer and browse faster.

How To: Create CSS-based link rollovers for websites in GoLive

Using GoLive CS2, you'll learn how to create some CSS-based rollovers. This is really an easy way to create some rollovers, using CSS, which is an incredibly useful and powerful way to style and design your website pages. In this GoLive video tutorial, learn how to style not only your links, visited links, and active links using CSS, but you will also see how to give your links a rollover or hover style as well. You will quickly see how much more you can achieve by styling your links using CSS.

How To: This Trick Shows You Exactly When You Clicked on That Purple Link

When you click a link from Google search, the link itself turns purple to let you know you've already visited this page. But let's say you're searching for something similar a few weeks from now and you see one of these purple links—you'll probably think to yourself, "What was I reading about on that site?"—and if you don't remember, you'll end up clicking the link again. And if you're a frequent Reddit user, you know this pain all too well.

How To: Find the Hidden Browser Cache on Firefox with Tekzilla

In this tutorial, we learn how to find the hidden browser cache on Firefox. First, log onto a website that you use often and if you want to see how many times you have visited it, right click on an empty space on the page. Next, click on "view page info", then click on the "security" tab. When you click on this, you will be able to see how many times you have visited that website, and if they are storing cookies on your computer. You will also be able to see if you have stored passwords throu...

How To: It's Not Just Your Camera & Mic — Here's All the Crazy Ways Your Phone Could Be Used to Spy on You

As you're surely aware, your phone can be used against you. Thanks to our cameras and microphones, a clever hacker can obtain access to your device and invade your privacy. But spying isn't limited to just these two sensors — gyroscopes, proximity sensors, QR codes, and even ads can be used to paint a very clear picture about who you are and what you're currently doing.

How To: Select orchids

Selecting orchid plants takes more than just admiring an orchid's flowers, but with the right information it can be quick and easy. To find the expert's secrets on orchid selection, Meghan Carter visited award winning orchidist Dick Wells of Hilltop Orchids and got to the bottom of how to pick out the best orchid flower.

How To: Add Google Analytics to your site and monitor traffic

Wouldn't it be nice to know how many people actually visited your site each day, and how long they stayed there? Google Analytics is a great, free utility from Google that will tell you just that and so much more. In this clip, the Web Guru will show you how to use this program, generate and install an HTML code onto your site so that you can keep track of your visitors and demographics. This is a fantastic tool for advertising purposes and so you can see which content is working best for you...

How To: Update your bathroom with the Home Depot

When you think about it, your bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in your home. A great way to impress guests and increase the value of your home is to remodel and update your bathroom. In this two part tutorial, follow along with the Home Depot as they show you the best and most inexpensive way to create a luxurious bath.

How To: Care for orchids

Orchid care isn't as difficult as you think, and to discover the orchid care secrets, Meghan Carter visited award-winning orchid breeder Dick Wells. There she discovered the best technique for growing orchids.

How To: Choose kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting is vital to having a beautiful and functional kitchen, but even knowing where to start when choosing the type of lights for your kitchen can be confusing. To find kitchen lighting ideas, Meghan Carter visited Kichler Lighting where she discovered the three different types of kitchen lighting you need to make the most of your kitchen.

How To: Select the ideal garage doors

Ideal garage doors have four things in common. They're beautiful, durable, easy to maintain and well insulated. To discover how to find your ideal garage door host Meghan Carter visited Clopay to get the insiders tips for selecting the best type of garage door for your home.

How to Walkthrough Darksiders: Twilight Cathedral- Revisit SG

Make sure to detonate the bomb growth in this level for the Xbox 360 game Darksiders, section Twilight Cathedral - Revisit Scalding Gallow. Upon defeating Tiamat, War will find himself back out front of the cathedral. Go speak to Vulgrim to learn about Serpent Holes. These allow you to "fast travel" back to previously visited places, as long as you've found Vulgrim in these places. Make you way back to the Scalding Gallow and go talk to Samael who sits on a throne in the middle area where you...

How To: Clear your browsing history in Internet Explorer

In this tutorial, we learn how to clear your browsing history in Internet Explorer. First, go to the tools button and then click on 'delete browsing history'. Click that and then a new window will pop up. If you want to clear everything, click 'delete all' and then 'yes'. The temporary internet files are fine to delete, this is just info that is saved after you visit a website. Cookies are bits of information that a site stores on your computer to remember who you are. The history is simply w...

How To: Remove thumbnails from the Google new tab page

In this tutorial, we learn how to remove thumbnails from the Google new tab page. First, open a new tab and click the "edit thumbnails" link. Click the "x" icon to remove the thumbnail. Remember to click "done" to save your changes. This will come in handy when you have websites that are saved on your new tab page that you don't want to show up are you only visited once and don't plan on visiting again. After you do this, remember you can do this at any time that you want, to customize what w...

How To: Clean up the Microsoft Windows 7 system registry

The registry is like a filing cabinet for your operating system; it contains everything from the last web site you visited to the last program you opened. Over time, it gets loaded with junk and that slows things down. Fortunately, cleaning it up is easy. So easy, in fact, that this home-computing how-to from the folks at Butterscotch can present a complete, step-by-step overview of the process in just over four minutes' time. For detailed instructions, and to get started tidying up your own ...

How To: Erase entire web browsing history from PC

Face it, there may be some sites that you have visited online that you aren't too proud of. So before your mom, brother, or even girlfriend make one single click you might want to check out this tutorial. In the video, you'll find out how to erase your entire web browsing history on your PC computer. It's easy to follow and will make things a bit safer for you and others. So good luck and enjoy!

How To: Use the browser on the Blackberry Storm 9500

In this Electronics video tutorial you will learn how to use the browser on the Blackberry Storm 9500. To use your browser, select browser from the main blackberry menu. This will bring up your bookmark and the history of your previously visited websites. There is also a handy Google search bar. Type in the address of the site in to address bar at the top. Once the page loads, you can view it in landscape or portrait format by moving the handset. To zoom in and out, use the magnifying glass "...

How To: Remove temp files from your hard disk in Windows Vista

In this Computers & Programming video tutorial you are going to learn how to remove temp files from your hard disk in Windows Vista. Go to search, type ‘%TEMP%’ and click ‘enter’. The search result will show all temp files that are in your computer. These have come from all the sites you have visited. Normally each of these will be small files of a few KB in size. Now scroll down the bottom of the page and draw a transparent box to encompass all the files. Then right click and click on ‘delet...

How To: Organize your home

Home organization can be made much easier with the right techniques, and to discover the best home organization techniques, Meghan Carter visited professional organizer and owner of White Space Cynthia Ivie.

How To: 24 Safari Privacy Settings You Need to Check on Your iPhone

Over the years, we've seen security breach after security breach, as well as high-profile data scandals where collected personal information was misused by companies. Apple makes customer privacy a priority, so there have been few issues to worry about when it comes to its services on your iPhone. However, there are still plenty of privacy settings to explore and change, especially within Safari.

Best Navigation Apps: Google Maps vs. Apple Maps vs. Waze vs. MapQuest

You don't have to be a frequent flyer to know how indispensable navigation apps have become. Many of us rely on these apps for traveling from state to state and getting around in foreign cities, but even more of us count on these apps to beat rush hour traffic and find the quickest routes to school or work. So naturally, we all have our favorite mapping apps, but which one is truly the best?

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