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How To: Tame frizzy hair with hand cream

You can of course purchase the super expensive waxes, balms, and texturizers at the store to tame frizzy, unruly hair. But why spend $20 on a teeny bottle of product when you can get the same results for about $3? All you have to do is purchase some hand cream and rub it anywhere you need extra hold.

How To: Use a clipless curling iron to curl hair

So you're probably wondering what the hell a clipless curling iron is, given that approximately 99.99% of the curling irons out there come equipped with a handy clip that helps keep hair in place when you're making a curl. But there is a clipless species of curling iron out there, dangerous and difficult to use for many but a masterful tool if you weild it with skill.

How To: Use a curling iron for a spunky hair style

This video author explains how to curl hair with a curling iron. She uses a 2 inch curling iron for flipping the ends of her hair out, or to cover up frizziness at the ends. The next curling iron she shows is a one inch curling iron, and she explains how it snags her hair. The one she's going to use for the video is a different one inch curling iron. She uses two clips to split her hair into two sections. She curls the bottom layer first, and then uses hairspray to prolong the curls. She does...

How To: Loosen & soften hair curls with a regular curling iron

You don't need expensive equipment to keep your hair up to par with today's fashion standards. There's a gazillion different ways to curl your hair, but the one tool you should have is one of those cheap, regular curling irons available just about everywhere. With this normal curling iron, you can create loose and soft curls in your hair, and all it takes is a delicate touch. LiliTheDarkMoon shares her secret to perfect, luxurious, almost natural curls that create a subtle glamour look, witho...

How To: Make your curls last

In this tutorial, we learn how to make your curls last. The first step to making your curls last is to use a curling shampoo while you are in the shower. The next step in having long lasting curls is to use a mousse or gel when you get out of the shower, so your hair is more coarse. Also, using an air dry technique will help dry your hair while keeping the curl lasting. Make sure if you use hair spray, you use the kind that won't flake up, because this will just make it look like you have dan...

How To: Clean a Curling Iron

It’s inevitable – the sticky, messy buildup accumulating on your curling iron. Use any of the methods in this how-to video to de-gunk and get on with the business of beautifying. Your curling iron will work better, last longer, and make your hair look nicer when the curling iron is clean and in good condition. Check out this video and learn how to keep your curling iron and hair in styling shape.

How To: Style loose curls and hair waves with a curling iron

This video explains how to create loose curls and hair waves using only a curling iron. The first step is to treat your hair with some heat treatment spray so the curling iron cannot burn the hair being curled. The next step is to hold all of your hair up above your head and remove hair until your bundles are only an inch thick. After you make your hair into around seven one inch strands you can start to use the curling iron to straighten the hair. The last step is to roll your hair around th...

How To: Curl your hair with a curling iron and add volume

In this video from Bellabern she curls her hair with a curling iron. Section off a piece a piece of hair and use a comb to separate it. Then take the curling iron, put the hair through it and roll all the way up to the scalp while keeping the curling iron moving constantly. Something else you can use is thermal heat spray which will hold the curl. You keep applying this same technique for as many curls as you want on your head. With the bottom pieces of your hair you can curl them a little ou...

How To: Give yourself loose, casual curls with a curling iron

In this video, we learn how to give yourself loose, casual curls with a curling iron. First, you need to put heat protector in your hair and make sure it's straight enough to curl. After this, break your hair into small sections and heat up a large barrel curling iron. Next, put the curling iron in the section of hair and stop when you reach the root. Hold the curling iron in place for several seconds, then release the hair. When it comes out, it should be a loose curl. If it's too tight, bru...

How To: Strength train with cable biceps curls

Cable biceps curls are an important part of strength training and weight lifting. This fitness HowTo video tutorial shows you the proper way to do biceps curls with a cable machine. Start the curl with straight arms and curl the weight up toward your body. Keep watching to learn more about proper form for doing cable bicep curls.

How To: Curl your hair using a flat iron with Kandee Johnson

We all love primping products, but what girl doesn't want to save a few bucks when she can? While lots of beauty companies will advertise that they have the best curling iron for you to achieve those Kate Hudson beachy waves, the truth is that you really don't need a curling iron at all. In fact, to get your hair bouncy and curly, all you really need is a flat iron.

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