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How To: Solve temperature subtraction problems (integers)

An educational video from free math tutoring that shows an easy way to calculate differences of temperature. Many times people commit simple mistakes in subtracting temperatures that lead to illogical results. This video explains a very common pitfall and at the same time, clears up an important concept in temperature subtraction.

How To: Understand parallelograms

This video helps us understand parallelograms and its properties. The video starts with the description of the basic properties of a parallelogram. The parallelogram is a four sided shape which has the sum of all four interior angles equal to 360 degrees. The opposite sides of a parallelogram are equal and parallel. Then the video talks about the angles in the parallelogram. The parallelogram has a lot of symmetry. This makes the opposite angles of a parallelogram equal. The same side angles ...

How To: Tie the Albright fisherman's knot (Albright special)

The Albright knot is also referred to as the Albright special, and although commonly called a knot, it's more accurately a bend. It's a strong fisherman's knot which binds two fishing lines together, both of different diameters. If you want to learn how to tie it, let Wade Bourne of MyOutdoorTV show you how it's done.

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