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How To: Learn the art of dowsing using the "Divine Gesture"

Grandmaster David Harris teaches and demostrates the secret Shun Shen Tao technique know as the "Divine Gesture". With this ablitiy a person can dowse without the need of materials such as a rod, stick, or pendulum. The person needs nothing but themself and their connection to God. "Divine Gesture" is one of the most advanced dowsing techniques in the world! Once a great secret, now free to you.

How To: Make General Tso chicken recipe

In this Chinese cooking class on video, learn how to make a famous dish called General Tso’s chicken (a.k.a. General Joe’s, General Gau’s, General Tao’s, General Tsao’s, General Chow’s—and a number of other variations). Our expert will walk you through the recipe, with ingredients for making the dish, the batter, and the sauce, step-by-step instructions for mixing seasonings and cutting vegetables, how to batter and fry the chicken, stir fry cooking tips, and final presentation of the dish. D...

News: Musicians Are Holding Live Online Concerts for Free — Here's How to Watch Them All from Your Phone

Remember concerts? Those were fun. While gathering in large groups to listen to live music might not be allowed at the moment, the live music part still is. Thanks to the internet, more and more musicians are taking the stage each day to perform for those of us stuck in social isolation due to the new coronavirus. The best part? Many of these concerts are 100% free.

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