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How To: Edit WordPress blogs on an iPhone/iPod Touch

A new introduction into the iPhone community is WordPress which easily allows you to easily control things like your WordPress blog on the move. Start off by tapping in your blog details, start writing a new post with a single tap, setting your tabs or publishing data right from the main editor through this. This also allows you to add photos directly taken from your iPhone's camera, you can change your publish date and set a password on your posts to decide who has access to them. Finally yo...

How To: Create a custom toolbar in Microsoft Excel 2003

This video describes how to create a custom toolbar in excel. First we have to go to tools menu in the excel. Next take the option of customize there and then choose the toolbars there. Next there will be the option “new” tab in that box. You have to select it first and then give a name the toolbar, which you are going to create. Then will be get the tool bar. Next if you want to add the buttons to the toolbar that you have created now, you have to go to commands tab. Then you will get ca...

How To: Add color to your Firefox browser tabs

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to add to the Fire Mozilla browser tabs. Begin by going to the Firefox Mozilla add-ons site and search for "colorful tabs". Click Add to Firefox to install it onto your web browser. Once installed, the browser tabs will be randomly assigned to a color. In the add-on options, users are able to configure the color scheme, selected tab and miscellaneous. This video will benefit those viewers who use Firefox Mozilla as their web browser, and would like to...

How To: Restore your tabs when your Firefox browser crashes

If you are a multi-tasker like many others and have multiple tabs open on your Firefox browser, you could run into a point where your browser crashes and lose all your tabs. Downloading the add-on BarTab will help you restore all the tabs you have lost. The add-on has customizable settings that let you configure it to what helps you best.

How To: Quickly use tab-switching with the keyboard

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to quickly switch tabs with the keyboard. Users will need the Fire Mozilla browser to do this. Begin by going to the Firefox Mozilla add-on site and search for "crtl-tab". Then click Add to Firefox to install the add-on. To activate the add-on, simply press the ctrl and tab buttons on the keyboard. It will then open a thumbnail of your 7 most recently accessed tabs. There is also a search bar for users to use to find a specific site. This video will b...

How To: Insert and remove page numbers in MS Word 2007

This video will demonstrate the process to implement page numbers in your Microsoft Word 2007 documents. The video starts out by showing the Insert Tab on the Microsoft Word 2007 Ribbon. On the Insert Ribbon, you will see an icon titled Page Number. All of the Page Number options are available when you click the down arrow directly beside the icon. The are many different position options such top of page, bottom of page, page margins, or current position. The customization options are as endl...

How To: Spy on any iPhone anywhere

Kevin shows the different features and options with the program ownspy, which is through OwnSpy and is capable of tracking through phone a persons location as well as texts and phone calls. He first logs in and the first screen that opens is the tracking screen where you can sync how often the program will update the persons location. The second tab is SMS, which will show you all texts and conversations as well as the length, date, and time. The third tab lists all the persons contacts. The ...

How To: Add Chrome Custom Tabs to Every App on Android

Android has a built-in browser called WebView that any app can use, which makes it easy for developers to display webpages without actually having to build an internet browser into their apps. But WebView is a stripped-down, bare bones browser with no ties to Android's default browser, Chrome, so none of your synced data like bookmarks, passwords, and history is available when an app is using WebView to display a page.

How To: Enable Google Chrome's side tabs option

If you think you've got to much clutter on the top portion of your web browser, then Google Chrome has the solution. Chrome has an option which allows you to choose something called "side tabs" which moves the tabs for those websites and webpages you have open from the top of the browser to the left side. But how do you get side tabs in Chrome? lifehacker has the answers.

How To: View all your Firefox tabs at once with Split Tabs

Wish there were a way to open and display multiple tabs at once in Mozilla Firefox? With the Split Tabs browser extension, it's easy! So easy, in fact, that this home computing how-to from the folks at Easily can present a complete (and somewhat talky) overview of the process in just over two minutes' time. For the specifics, just watch this handy how-to.

How To: Close All Open Tabs at Once in Chrome for Android & iOS

With over 500 million downloads on Android alone, I find it safe to assume that most of us use the Chrome Browser on our mobile devices; it's great for reading articles with Reader mode enabled, syncs open tabs and bookmarks across all your devices (as long as you're signed in to your Google account), and is regularly updated with new features and optimizations.

How To: Reopen a closed tab in Google Chrome

Wish there were a way to unclose a Chrome tab you've accidentally clicked away? Well, there is, and this clip will show you how it's done. It's easy! So easy, in fact, that this handy home-computing how-to from the folks at Tekzilla can present a complete overview of the process in about two minutes' time. For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, take a look.

How To: Preview Firefox tabs in your Microsoft Windows taskbar

Learn how to force the Windows 7 taskbar to display a preview for each and every one of your Mozilla Firefox tabs upon mouse-over. This home-computing how-to from the people at Tekzilla will show you a quick and easy about:config Firefox hack that will permit you to do just that. For more information, and to get started using this hack yourself, give this clip a look.

How To: Browse the web on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Browsing the web just got easier in Android 2.2 (Froyo), thanks to the wonderful new Samsung Galaxy Tab. It's the perfect Android tablet for those device-hungry techies. This video gives you some quick information on using the built-in web browser on the Galaxy Tab, including how to play back video.

How To: Remove tabs & scroll bars from an Excel spreadsheet

This video tutorial is in the software category where you will learn how to remove tabs and scroll bars from an Excel spreadsheet. Open a work sheet and you will find scroll bar on the right and at the bottom. But, why should you take them off? If you are making a user form that you want to send to your employees and you don't want them to mess it up, then you may do this. Go to the office button and click on 'excel options' at the bottom. On the next window go to the 'advanced' tab and scrol...

How To: Understand guitar tabs

Essortment teaches you how to understand guitar tabs. There are six lines that represent a string: E, A, D, G, B and E. Numbers are written on the strings representing fret tabs that tell you where to fret on each string. Also learn how to read a cord which is all the numbers placed at the same time. Numbers on top of each other is a string and lined up means to strum. These are the basics to reading a guitar tab so when you see a tab you are able to play and understand.

How To: Record macros in Excel 2007

In this Microsoft Excel 2007 for Dummies video the instructor shows how to record a Macro. Macros let you create a shortcut to perform a sequence of commands all at once. For example you can create a macro to quickly build a sales report template that you frequently use. When ever you run that macro the Word will automatically build the template for you based on the recorded commands. To write macros you need to have the developer tab enabled. To enable it click on the office button and at th...

How To: Add a watermark to your videos using Camtasia Studio 6

In this tutorial, we learn how to add watermark using Camtasia Studio 6. First, go to the "add" tab and then click "import media". Now, click "add in timeline" and edit it to how you like it. Next, go to the produce tab and click "produce video as". Click "add/edit reset" and choose which one you like, then click "edit" and "next" until you see the watermark tab. Now click "add watermark" and click "options" when you are done. Click the folder to find your watermark and choose how you want it...

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