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How To: Make & braid synthetic dreads

For those who like dreads, but can't grow dreads, have no fear: There's a little thing called synthetics! In this three-part video tutorial, learn how one professional makes synthetic dreads from start to finish. Get the dreads you want by "fakin by makin"!

How To: Rock a summer scarf

It doesn't have to be freezing out to wear a scarf. You can wear a lighter scarf even in the summer to achieve a fun and fashionable look. Scarves are a great and versatile accessory that will add interest to any outfit.

How To: Clean a Flag

We hang flags to proclaim our patriotic spirit. This is especially true for retired veterans or those who have loved ones serving in the military. Others hang flags representing the seasons, important events, favorite teams or just a cute and whimsical design as decoration. An American flag can be particularly tricky to wash. Red, white and blue all lying together in one inseparable panel can cause the blue or red dye to bleed onto the white. This is not just a problem with an American flag; ...

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