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How To: Get the Killing 'Em Swiftly achievement in L4D 2's DLC

It's time to lock and load, achievement hunters! This tutorial is on the popular zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead 2. This takes place in their DLC, The Passing. The achievement is called Killing 'Em Swiftly and it requires you to find a jukebox and find a new song to play. It's an easy 20 gamer points to add to your gamerscore. So check it out and good luck!

How To: Do a thumb or index card fan

This video tutorial shows you how to create a fan using a pack of playing cards. Hold the cards firmly using the thumb and four index fingers of your right hand. You then drag the cards across from left to right using either your thumb or index finger. In order to snap the fan closed with your right hand you should use the fingers on your right hand while holding down firmly with your right thumb, in order to close the fan. The presenter cautions that you should close the fan swiftly as the t...

How To: Make homemade ice cream with an ice cream maker

Now that summer is swiftly approaching, it's time to start wrapping your mind around that most enjoyable of summertime treats: Ice cream. While you can certainly go to the store and purchase bulk packages of rocky road, store-bought ice cream is full of gnarly-sounding ingredients that sound more like a chemical found in a mad scientist's lab than actual food (xanthan gum, anyone?).

How To: Sew a simple flouncy high-waisted skirt

High waisted skirts may seem rather unflattering - after all, the last high-waisted trend we've heard about was high-waisted pants, and after Jessica Simpson's mom jeans controversy that trend has swiftly burned out and died. But because high-waisted skirts fall at your waist, they help create an hourglass silhouette that's flattering on everyone.

News: Check Out These Awesome Mixed-Reality Movies Made with the HoloLens

Mixed reality filmmaking isn't a new concept. Disney managed to make it work in 1988 with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but not without an enormous amount of work. We haven't seen many mixed reality films of that scope since, and perhaps that's because it's still hard to accomplish. Filmmakers don't look through a viewfinder or monitor and see the fully rendered result on screen—but that can change with mixed reality headsets like the HoloLens.

How To: Why 'Whipping' Cooked Pasta in Sauce Creates a Perfect Dish

Most cooks know they should stir pasta a few times while it's cooking, for obvious reasons: as the noodles cook, they release a glue-like starch that makes them stick to one another. Stirring prevents them from clumping together in an unwieldy, inedible mass. Now Mark Bittman in The New York Times discusses a great technique from Italy that helps you produce a plate of tender, toothsome pasta evenly coated in rich sauce every time, but it involves stirring the pasta at the end of its cooking ...

How To: Learn to Create Your Own Apple Apps for the App Store with This SwiftUI Course Bundle

If you want to quickly pick up a new skill over the holidays, learning to build your own Apple apps is one of the most impressive ones you can work on. This complete course bundle on SwiftUI and iOS 14 will have you submitting your own iOS apps to the App Store in just two weeks. Right now, The iOS 14 & SwiftUI Bootcamp Bundle is on sale at 95% off, for just $24.99 (regular price $600).

How To: 3 Ways to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Faster — Without Using the Fingerprint Scanner

A great many S8 and S8+ users have undoubtedly spent quite a bit of time figuring out ways to unlock their new Galaxy in as few steps as possible. One of the most endearing features of previous Galaxy models was the ability to unlock the phone by pressing the home button and momentarily leaving your finger there for the sensor to do its job, almost instantaneously opening the device — all without having to pick up the phone.

How To: Why Opened Wine Doesn't Last Long (& How to Change That)

Bad news, guys. The shelf life for liquor leftovers does not apply to your two-buck chuck. While an opened bottle of your favorite whiskey will stay respectable for ages thanks to its high ABV (which makes it inhospitable to outside elements), an opened bottle of merlot will sour quickly. However, it turns out that red and white wines have different life spans once they're opened—for reasons which we'll cover below.

How To: Make Crappy Wine Taste Good & Good Wine Taste Better Without Any Special Tools

Letting wine "breathe" isn't just something that happens in restaurants in '80s teen comedies with snooty maître d's. It's really a thing, and you should learn how to do it at home, because it'll make just about any wine—including Two-Buck Chuck—taste much, much better. It's also astonishingly easy, and despite what the Home Shopping Network may tell you, does not require buying extra gadgets.

How To: Hack Wi-Fi Networks with Bettercap

There are many tools out there for Wi-Fi hacking, but few are as integrated and well-rounded as Bettercap. Thanks to an impressively simple interface that works even over SSH, it's easy to access many of the most powerful Wi-Fi attacks available from anywhere. To capture handshakes from both attended and unattended Wi-Fi networks, we'll use two of Bettercap's modules to help us search for weak Wi-Fi passwords.

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