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How To: 5 Deliciously Clever Surprise-Inside Desserts You Have to Try

Surprise desserts (aka peekaboo desserts) are a gorgeous way to celebrate anything, whether it's a birthday, new baby, or just a brand new day. You can pretty much hide anything you want inside: candy, a cool design, and even other desserts. To help inspire you, try one of these fun-filled desserts out for a special, photo-worthy occasion. Then get creative and try out your own ideas (and make sure to share them with us when you're done).

Opinion: Why Microsoft Not Releasing a New HoloLens Until 2019 Should Not Be a Surprise

If the rumors are right, Microsoft has decided to cancel the second version of the HoloLens, and they will instead move onto version three of their mixed reality headset. In the latest report, Thurrott's Brad Sams states that the expected release date of this new Windows Holographic device wouldn't be until 2019, a long two years away for those of us putting full effort into HoloLens app development.

How To: Use a Surprise Onside Kick while playing Madden NFL 12

This tutorial uses footage from the demo version of Madden NFL 12, but it should work just fine for the retail versions of the full game. It demonstrates how to successfully execute a Surprise Onside Kick. If you're looking to surprise your opponent, try this off from the regular kicking formation and see how many yards you can gain on either the Xbox 360 or the PS3.

How To: Make a chocolate mud pie surprise

Start off with a pre-made chocolate pie shell. Next soften some vanilla ice cream. Make sure the ice cream is not super runny but not frozen either. You will want to be able to stir it. Next add one cup of sifted dirt. Making sure you have taken out all the rocks and twigs. Mix it thoroughly with the ice cream. Put half of the mixture into your pie shell. We then want to add the surprise layer. Add those twigs, leaves, and small stones that got sifted out earlier. Top it off with the rest of ...

How To: Make a surprise popup greeting card

This tutorial video will show you how to make your very own greeting card that not only has a sliding element, but pops up as well. This popup card is great for special occasions, and people are sure to love it. Hurry up and start making this wonderful greeting card!

How To: Make chocolate bars with surprise fillings

You know how people always get frustrated when they open up a Valentine's Day chocolate gift box to find no labeling device for the chocolates there, forcing them to taste test each one to see if they like 'em? Recreate this frustration and relish in the schadenfreude by baking these melt in your mouth chocolate bars, each one filled with something different, from caramel and peanuts to almonds and more chocolate.

How To: Perform the Surprise Display card flourish

Show off your card trick skills with a little XCM (extreme card manipulation). This video tutorial will show you how to perform the Lang-Surprise Display card flourish. There's no magic involved here, just some card manipulation for a great show. The card flourish is a technique for card handling that magicians use, perfect for making card tricks more impressive. See how to do the Surprise Display.

How To: Make cheesecake surprise pops with Paula Deen

Paula and Bobby Deen create frozen pops from a ready-made cheesecake. Follow along and learn how absolutely easy these cheesecake surprise pops are to put together. This cooking how-to video is part of Paula's Best Dishes show hosted by Paula Deen. What happens when America's favorite southern cook opens up her kitchen to family, friends, viewers and the best home cooks in the country? It's anyone's guess! Paula Deen is cooking up something new as she rescues viewer recipes, shares stories an...

How To: Make a stuffed burger & fries surprise

Learn how to make stuffed burgers and sweet potato fries for your next get together. Take your ground beef and separate it into the appropriate sized balls and patties. Using a patty to start, work an indent in the middle, and fill with mushrooms and a slice of cheese. Then, taking another hunk of the ground beef, cover the top, and work the meat together so that you can't see what's inside. You can use this technique with onions or any other filling you like with your burgers. While the hamb...

How To: Fight a surprise pimple with ice and cleanser

This video will show you how to get rid of a pimple with ice and cleanser. Follow these easy steps to quickly get rid of a pimple: Immediately put an ice cube over the pimple, and hold it there for about 15 minutes. Remove the ice cube and rinse the pimple with a facial cleanser. This should help reduce the pimple. Remember to wash your face every night.

News: Chloroform Surprise

Hi : ) This is version 2 of chloroform surprise (as version 1 submitted was a bit too dangerous) . This time we have a professional anesthesiologist to help anaesthesia. He/She will use a pre tested knock out cocktail that suits each jackass individually, so that this remains safe for everyone in the team!

News: Satan Surprise!

Synopsis: Tell one guy that a girl that one of the other guys knows just had some sketchy demonic encounter/satanic experience at some Wicca gathering she went to last night while she was trying to get answers from the past. Then say she’s incredibly creeped out right now and is home alone tonight so they are going to seize the opportunity(while she’s still scared) and have him dress up as Satan himself and go to her house late at night and “appear” to her in her bedroom. (Don’t be overly des...

Minecraft Monster Slaying: How to Surprise Your Aggressors with a Long Drop and Sudden Stop

No one likes having their home invaded, and sometimes you just don't want to have to wait those precious few seconds for someone or something to drown, suffocate, or burn up. This trap utilizes gravity to destroy anyone who may want to pillage your home, be they monster or player. No drowning or suffocating here... they just go splat at the bottom of a deep hole, and you can instantly forget about them.

News: Surprise Party

Get Bam to come to a party for the Jackass 3 movie. When he gets to where the party is have him enter the location and be greeted by many non poisonous snakes and lock the door but only for a little. When you unlock the door and he comes out give him a nice doce of paint balls and for even a little more shock outside of the door have one of those mats when you step on it a very loud alarm goes off and fire crackers. (for even more amusement tell him its a black tie occasion and get him to wea...

How To: Duel in Red Dead Redemption and win every time

There is no questioning that Red Dead Redemption was one of the biggest surprise hits of 2010. With an amazing story, incredible landscapes and graphics, a beautiful sound track, and rock solid gameplay, you can bet no one expected how amazing this game would be! One feature that is still a little confusing is dueling, and if you've been struggling to win, then you've come to the right video! In this incredibly detailed video you will go deep into the mechanics of the dueling system to unders...

How To: Win Crossfire games in Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat might be the surprise hit XBLA game of the summer, but it can be very hard to get going in the game's two main multiplayer modes. The competition is fierce and the help sparse. Fortunately for you, this video is here. It will show you a pretty foolproof strategy for winning Crossfire games while controlling the Support character.

How To: Give yourself a outer space inspired look

In this video, Petrilude shows us how to an outer-space inspired look. It's actually a little shocking. You may want to save this look for your next costume or Halloween party. Just follow along, and Petrilude will take you through the look, step by step with a little surprise at the end.

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