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News: Undergrad Student Scientist Made Beer Good for You — and Your Gut Microbes — by Adding Probiotics

When Chan Mei Zhi Alcine chose her senior project, she thought outside the box by thinking inside the bottle. Along with a research team at her university, she found a way to combine health and enjoyment, while meeting a challenge not so definitively met before in alcoholic beverages. She and a research team at her university claim they've created the world's first probiotic sour beer.

How To: 10 Must-Have Chrome Tools for Lazy Students

Chrome apps and extensions are powerful tools for students: they can help optimize your web browsing experience by helping you take notes, check your grammar as you compose documents and emails, and even help you squeeze a little more juice out of your laptop's battery by freezing unused tabs and optimizing YouTube streams.

How To: Get free shipping from Amazon if you're a student

Do you order a lot of stuff off the internet, but find your bank account being decimated by shipping charges? Well, if you're an Amazon shopper and are currently a student, then you're in luck! This video will show you how you can use your student status to get a year of Amazon Prime for free, which includes free 2-day shipping on all orders! Just go here.

How To: Evaluate a student's written IELTS essay

In this eight-part video designed for teachers, learn how to evaluate a student's written IELTS (International English Language Testing System) essay. The IELTS is an international standardised test of English language proficiency. In these ight parts, learn how to view, analyze, and evaluate an IELTS essay.

How To: Make a delicious alfredo sauce on a student budget

This video helps you make a delicious Alfredo sauce on a student budget. Melt the butter in a pan over low heat and add minced garlic to it. Before the garlic turns brown, add 30% cream to it and mix properly. Now, add parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to it. If your sauce gets too thick, add some more cream to it, or if the sauce is thin, add more cheese. Simmer for a while and taste test it. Add some salt and pepper if necessary. Make sure your Alfredo sauce recipe is creamy.

News: William F. White's Student & Filmmaker Open House! | Gear Guide

William F. White International Inc. is more than just a place that rents out lights and cranes and generators and dollies and green screens and camera cars. They've also got heaps of training and certification programs that can help you become a more knowledgeable set denizen. And every fall they throw their doors open to young filmmakers and students so they can get their hands on some pro-level gear and talk to some experts with field experience, and maybe win a rental voucher. Gear Guide w...

How To: Use conditional formatting for a student attendance report in Microsoft Excel

You can use conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel to create an easy attendance report for you classroom. This can also be applied to other similar types of reports. The report in this video includes the names of the students, the total possible days of attendance, the actual amount of days attended by each student, the percentage of attendance, and their rank in the class. Just follow along with the video to see how it's done.

How To: Run a Successful Student Council Campaign

Running a successful student council campaign requires hard work and preparation. Whether you’re part of a candidate’s support group or a candidate yourself, you need to focus and give it all you’ve got. As Vince Lombardi said, “Leaders aren't born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.”

Gov't Involvement: Through The Eyes of The Student

Insight Description: In our government class, each student was required to participate in any branch of government from local such as working with your community representatives; state; working with your senator or an organization and federal; which you can entreat in a presidential campaign. The total number of students who participated was Twenty-one and each individual needed to complete at least Ten hours or more.

News: MIT Student Invents $3 Blood Sucking Plunger That Could Speed Up Healing for Millions

The medical field has known for some time now that negative pressure (re: suction) can drastically speed up wound recovery time. However, the machines that are currently available are quite expensive, and not an option for third world countries. Enter MIT student Danielle Zurovcik. The doctoral student has created a hand-powered suction-healing system that could completely revolutionize first aid in developing nations. Her device goes for only 3 bucks a pop.

Octodad: An Award Winning Game… From College Students

Fatherhood is difficult, especially when you're an octopus. That is the moral of the 2011 IGF Student Showcase winner Octodad, available for free from its website. This hilarious little title was created by a team of interactive media students at DePaul University in Chicago, and is the latest in a stream of successful indie games to come out of collegiate video game design programs. In fact, it's so successful that a sequel is in the works.

News: Student Sentenced to 8mo. in Jail for Hacking Facebook

Many times throughout history companies have been hacked by so-called "grey-hatters": hackers who do ambiguously ethical things with their computer skills. Often enough, after being hacked the companies actually offer to hire the hacker, but not always (as you see in this case). Just a reminder that you need to watch what you are doing. Never do anything illegal unless you don't mind facing the consequences!

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