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How To: Calculate the weighted average of specific values

The way to convert 0.300 Moles of water into Grams is to start by writing what you have. Then put grams on top and moles on the bottom, then put one by the mole, the omler mass goes by grams. Now you figure out the moler mass of water which has 2 H and 1 O, its 2 times 1 which is the atomic mass for hydrogen plus 16.0 for oxygen which gives a total of 18.0 g/mol. So then you insert the 18 up by the grams, now you can cancel out the moles and multiply 0.300 times 18.0g and it gives you 5.40 g,...

How To: Do specific exercises to burn belly fat

Kathy Kaehler, author, celebrity trainer, spokesperson and mother, gives us a rundown of the best exercises for fellow women and moms on how to target their belly fat and love handles, and specifically the best ways to tighten these areas. Kathy first does advise us that if you're going to be targeting like this the most important thing first will be cardio and general fitness. Then, she offers us first the side plank, where you place one elbow to the ground, lying on your side, and then elev...

How To: Customize Your Chrome Extensions for Specific Websites with Extension Automation

Browser extensions help us do all sorts of things, and there's one for just about everything, but like anything else, they can be easy to get carried away with. If you use a lot of add-ons, your browser is probably running some of them in the background on sites that don't actually use them for anything. You can disable them, but it's a pain to change your settings all the time, which is where Extension Automation comes in. Extension Automation is (ironically) a Chrome extension that lets you...

How To: Import specific photos into your iPod

This video demonstrates how to add specific photos to an iPod through iTunes. To do this, all you have to do is connect your iPod to a computer, click on the photos tab in iTunes, click on the selected albums button, and select the albums you want to import. Import specific photos into your iPod.

How To: Allow cookies from specific sites in Internet Explorer

This is the GetNetWise video guide on how to set up Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows to allow cookies from some sites. This is useful if you wish to block cookies by default, but allow for certain sites. The procedure is simple; firstly, select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu. Then select the Privacy Tab of the Internet Options menu, and under the Web Sites section click the Edit button. In the text box labeled "Address of Web site", type in the address of the site from which you wa...

How To: Leverage Keyword Specific Pages to Boost SEO by Volusion | Two minute

http://www.volusion.com/search-engine... - In this episode, Matt Winn discusses some great tips to boost your SEO using new content. If you have keywords you are interested on ranking for but have no content; creating landing pages specifically for these target keywords and optimizing them in a very natural way, will help you increase your SEO visibility. Create content that is useful for your viewers so that they can help you in the distribution and promotion of your pages. Don't forget to c...

How To: Choose the correct size for your snowboard

In this video, Sierra Snowboard gives us some tips on how to select the snowboard that's right for you. Each board comes in a number of different sizes, and most boards come with a size chart specific for that board. These charts can be vague, but are good starting points for selecting your size. One thing to consider is your bossy type. The weight of the rider is the primary factor in selecting the size of a snowboard. You'll notice that the height of a rider is not listed on a size chart. I...

How To: Differentiate between restraining or protective orders

If someone violates a protective order, there are — the remedy would be the police would be involved. You'll get arrested. So, basically, a protective order is usually good for two years, and it has all the specific things you cannot do. For instance, you can't go by that person's — within 200 feet of them or their residence or their employer. So it has some very specific things. A restraining order is different. It's a standard thing that's given that's a mutual thing where it just says be n...

How To: Create your own ring light for lighting and more

Ring Lights can create a specific lighting that brings out warmer hues from your actors/models, as well as giving you a cool effect for the eyes. If you're not looking to spend a fortune on buying an already made one, you can make one with items from around the house on the cheap, if you have to buy everything you need, you're looking to spend around $100 which is much cheaper than buying one brand new! Check out this video for a full tutorial on how to build your very own Ring Light!

How To: Budget w/ ledger sheets in Microsoft Excel: Mac 2008

Don't want to shell out the big bucks for some fancy, expensive budgeting software? Well, if you have Excel 2008 for Mac installed, you can manage your budget right there. Personal financing doesn't get easier than this— even business finances are easy to keep track of. The Microsoft Office for Mac team shows you just how to manage your finances with pre-formatted Ledger Sheets in this how-to video.

How To: Purify Urine for Drinking with an Emergency Solar Still

It’s called Urophagia—the art of consuming urine. There could be any number of reasons for having the desire to drink your own urine (or somebody else’s). There’s the so-called term “urine therapy,” which uses human urine as an alternative medicine. In urine therapy, or uropathy, it’s used therapeutically for various health, healing, and cosmetic purposes. There’s also those people who drink urine as sexual stimulation, where they want to share every part of each other. And then there’s the o...

How To: Setup a playlist in iTunes to organize your music

Music today is easily and readily downloaded, and because of that, many of us end up with giant music collections. If you're using iTunes, you can organize your music into specific playlists so that you always have what you want to listen to easily accessible. Take a look at this guide on how to create an iTunes playlist.

How To: Read sheet music on the guitar

In the studio world, and the ensemble scene, you're going to be handed ALOT of sheet music, sometimes it has only a few notes for a specific melody, and sometimes it's a whole lot of notes for the entire song. Knowing how to read these notes are important, and it can be very daunting at first, but if you practice every day anybody can read. In this video you will learn the basics of reading the notes on the staff with the note names for the treble clef.

How To: Read basic rhythms on a chart for the guitar

In almost all charts and forms of sheet music, the composer will more than likely have added rhythmic dictation to the staff, a specific rhythm that he wants you to play over the progression using the chord. In this video you will get a breakdown of basic rhythmic dictation of a quarter note, eighth note and more on top of how to read these in notation format!

How To: Find all hidden spiders on Hobgoblin in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

If you're struggling to find all the hidden spiders on Hobgoblins level, you're in luck! Some can be pretty tricky due to specific circumstances that you will need to meet and some are harder to find if someone doesn't tell you about them. In this video you will get a full walkthrough of each spider location as well as commentary explaining each location and the circumstances you will need to put yourself in to get them.

How To: Use an old flash on a new digital camera

Old camera equipment like flashes and lenses are often praised by modern photographers, but getting them integrated into new digital photography setups can be a challenge. This video will show you some tips for using old flashes with new digital cameras, including a great trick for making your digital camera recognize the flash by covering one specific contact. Don't get a new flash, use an old one with the skills you learn in this video.

How To: Get the Avatar awards in Red Dead Redemption

The guys from Achievement Hunter are here to show you not how to get a specific achievement, but instead a couple of Avatar awards. These can be used on your Avatar characters to make them look a bit more Western. The awards are easy to unlock and result in a mixture of different pieces of clothing. So check it out, pay attention, and good luck!