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How To: Correct colors in photos with Photoshop CS3

Need to color correct your photos and you're not sure how? In this video, the basics of RGB and CMYK colors are discussed as well as how to use them to color correct everything from everyday snapshots to portrait photographs. By using the eyedropper and the info palette to read the colors in the photos, you can then color correct. Based on the CMYK read out of the color sample targets, you can then adjust the color channels using a curves adjustment to achieve the kind of colors you'd like. A...

How To: Smoothen waterfall photos in Photoshop

Photoshop is a wonderful tool for photographers, from amateur to professional. If you have photos of waterfalls that you would like to tweak to make the water appear smoother, this video will walk you through the process step by step. If you are using a digital camera or don't want to use a tripod, then the only way to smooth out the waterfall is to use editing software like Photoshop. By following the easy to understand instructions in this video, you can edit your photos to look exactly how...

How To: Create glow swirls using Illustrator & Photoshop

This "glow swirl" effect is doable via drawing a flashlight really fast at night and then taking snapshots of its path (we used to draw fun doodles and write our names in "glow" lighting with our roommates in college). However, since such night snapshots are hard to capture on camera, Photoshop can do you for you instead in far less time.

How To: Improve your short-term memory with brain exercises

In this video, we learn how to improve short-term memory. There are many brain exercises that can help, that will jump start your abilities. Remember to focus your attention, take mental snapshots, and connect your snapshots with memory. This will help you not only remember different things, but it will also help you to connect pictures and different details along with it. Just small things like this while you are younger can help improve your short-term memory while you are both younger and ...

How To: Connect your SD600 to a TV

Watch this photography tutorial to learn how to show off your latest snapshots, straight from your PowerShot SD600 to your TV. Connecting your Canon PowerShot SD600 digital camera to your television is easy using the tips in this helpful how-to video.

News: Microsoft Beat Google to the Punch with a "Now on Tap" Clone for Android

One of the biggest new features in the soon-to-be-released Android 6.0 Marshmallow is something Google is calling "Now on Tap." Essentially, this service will be able to scan the contents of any screen on your Android device, then after you long-press the home button, it will provide you with relevant information about anything—from movie times to directions or dinner reservations.

How To: 5 Annoying Things About iOS 5 (Plus How to Fix Them)

I admit, when the new iOS 5 update for Apple devices was coming out, I had iTunes open all morning with my iPhone 4 attached... waiting... waiting... waiting until finally the new version of iOS was available for download. I stopped everything I was doing and quickly initiated the process of updating my device. After two excruciating hours, my iPhone 4 was finally ready to go and I couldn't be anymore happy. Who needs an iPhone 4S when you've already got iOS 5?

How To: Remember Your Life One Second at a Time with the Upcoming 'One Second Everyday' App for iPhone

While one second may not seem like much, it's the perfect amount of time to encapsulate your day. Photographs are just that, instant snapshots of your day that can send you flying back to that exact moment of time. A couple of months back I visited New York, but I don't recall what I ate, what I wore, or even what I felt. Whenever I look at this picture though, it all comes flooding back to me. I remember that it was a Friday. I remember I ate a brownie, because after I got off the bus I was ...

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