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How To: Pack a skydiving parachute using the psycho method

A brief video that illustrates parachute packing using the 'psycho method'. Part 1 of 2 shows the steps of; Sorting the 9 cells, slider, stabelisers, wrapping of the tail, flipping the pack job on its back, untwisting d-bag and cocking the pilot chute. Part 2 illustrates the final stages of the pack job called the 'psycho method'. These steps include; Making sure the pilot chute is cocked, roling the left 4 cells left, the other 4 cells right,the9th cell position, slider adjusting or 'pouting...

News: DIY Instant Indoor Skydiving

If you're like me, just the idea of skydiving triggers nearly-pee-in-the-pants petrification. But with a little imagination, plus Google Image Search and a projector, and all of us ninnies out there can pretend to do the real thing:

News: Skydiving Mishap

Have one of the jackass guys think the skit is to go tandem skydiving with a funny costume on but the real prank is right as the jackass guy and the skydiving instructor jump out of the airplane the skydiving instructor says, "oh shit" and pretends their was a malfunction with the parachute that they're not deploying and then when they get close enough that they need to deploy it he deploys it and the jackass guy has been scared shitless

How To: Base Jump, Skydive, & Fly Like a Bird in a Wingsuit

This is a series of videos on wingsuit flying techniques, varying from basic flocking maneuvers to advanced aerobatics. Wingsuit flying is a type of skydiving or controlled falling, and on thing you'll learn in this series is that upfloating is the technique of raising your legs to deflect the wind and rise upward. Also learn how to barrel roll, front loop, backfly, dock, increase forward speed, and control speed.

News: Shoecam Takes Wingsuit Flying to New Heights

For most thrill-seekers, skydiving alone is an adrenaline rush worth experiencing only once, but for the death-defying, elite skydiver, the wingsuit is the next step in daring midair adventures. But thankfully, we people who like our feet planted on the ground can enjoy the thrill ride via our flatscreens, due to some fearless cinematography from the daredevils themselves. And though there is no shortage of awesome skydiving footage on the web, there is a shortage of camera angles, with most ...

Picture of the Day: Flesh-and-Blood Lara Croft (She Ain't Acting)

Who is Lara Croft? Video game character. Comic strip hero. Action figure. Actress Angelina Jolie. All wonderful, yet all fictional. If you're looking for a flesh-and-blood archetype, try XtremeJenn, a Lara Croft cosplayer who's linked her real life "hobbies" to the world's beloved Tomb Raider. Found on Unreality Mag, this picture is the real thing. No green screen, no staging. XtremeJenn does everything a badass Tomb Raider should do: skydiving, base jumping, and some serious rock climbing.


WonderHowTo loves pranks. So, naturally we're big fans of College Humor, particularly Prank Wars. Prank Wars stars Amir and Streeter, best pals. Best pals that love to humiliate one say the least... In their latest *life threatening* prank, Amir scares the crap out of Streeter. Check out the interview (and prank) on Jimmy Kimmel: Click through for the complete skydiving prank video (sans Jimmy Kimmel). To view all Prank Wars videos, visit College Humor.

News: Scaredive

You start a casual conversation about skydiving with someone afraid of heights, you suggest to them a good prank would be to dive from a plane blindfolded and find your friends (who are also falling) so they can put on your parachute guided via a radio headset. While they tell you about how much they think it is a bad idea your buddies pounce from behind, blindfold them, tie them up and make out like your going to try the stunt.

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