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How To: Cook a prime rib

In this tutorial, we learn how to cook a prime rib. To make this you will need prime rib, kosher salt, and bacon. To begin, grab a baking sheet and place a bed of kosher salt on the bottom of it. When you are finished, place the prime rib over the kosher salt and stick a temperature gauge into it. After this, coat the prime rib with pieces of bacon, set in with toothpicks. When you are finished with this, place the meat into the oven and cook until the meat is cooked to your liking. After it ...

How To: Make Optimus Prime out of Legos

Optimus Prime is one of the most famous and highly respected of all cartoon robots. Express your admiration and demonstrate you skill with Legos by using the instructions in this four-part video series to build a model of the leader of the Transformers. It is very elaborate, and requires many pieces, but the end result is very cool, and should justify not being taken apart for other Lego projects for a long time.

How To: Cook the perfect prime rib

Cook the perfect prime rib by mathematically calculating a precise cooking and resting time. In this video tutorial, a bone-in prime rib is seasoned with the secret ingredient parve and is cooked to a medium-rare pink with the perfect rare moisture.

How To: Use the PRIME operator in math

In this video, we learn how to use the PRIME operator in math. The prime operator is the opposite of something in the equation. Take a look at the illustration in the video that is shown. Once you see that, you will be able to tell what A prime and B prime are. A prime is the opposite of "A". If a number is shaded in "A" it should not be shaded in "A Prime". The same goes for the prime of the letter "B". Just pay attention to what the numbers selected for each letter is, then use the opposite...

How To: Walkthrough Raxus Prime in The Force Unleashed

In this video, we learn how to walk through Raxus Prime in the Force Unleashed. First, go through the level to find the first holocron on the level. Now, you will be in a room and walk on a path with spinning blades, then find the ledge that goes up. Walk across pipes then jump to the center column and up again, then you will find another holocron. Now, go back down and continue on through the level to find more holocrons. There will be things protecting these, so make sure you charge your st...

How To: Make a vintage style jewelry box with household items

This video shows how to make a cute vintage looking jewelery box. A cardboard cheese box forms the body of the jewelery box. Other items you will need include mod podge, white glue gesso, masking tape, ribbons, a mirror from a compact, some fabric, and some faux pearls and flowers. Begin my removing the labels from the box. Paint the inside and outside of the walls of the box and the lid. Paint the areas of the box that you just primed with gold metalic paint. Now use the box to trace three c...

How To: Determine prime factors & reduce fractions in MS Excel

As you might guess, one of the domains in which Microsoft Excel really excels is business math. Brush up on the stuff for your next or current job with this how-to. In this tutorial from everyone's favorite digital spreadsheet guru, YouTube's ExcelIsFun, the 17th installment in his "Excel Business Math" series of free video lessons, you'll learn how to define prime numbers, determine prime factors, reduce fractions (i.e., write fractions in their lowest terms) and convert mixed numbers to imp...

How To: Reduce fractions in math problems

In this math tutorial, you will learn how to reduce fractions using the prime factoring method. The narrator, a math teacher, of the video begins by defining what prime numbers are. This is important to know. When reducing fractions you need to reduce both the numerator and the denominator down to numbers that cannot be reduced by any other numbers but 1 and itself (prime numbers). The method the video teaches is to find the prime factors of both numerator and the denominator to simplify the ...

How To: Choose the best prime lens choice for Canon cameras

Eyepatchentertainmen teaches you how to choose the best prime lens for Canon cameras, for video shooting. The faster the lens, the lower the light we need. The dark sequence was shot using a Nikon 15 mm 1.8 lens. Canon 50 mm 1.8 or the Nikon 50 mm 1.8 are good starting prime lenses. These run about 100 dollars. Sigma 30 mm 1.4 is a way up from that. After that there is the Canon L series primes, those are very good as well. Adaptation is also needed when you start using lenses. The most expen...

How To: Solve problems related to factors, multiples, & primes

Check out this instructional math video that reviews Elementary Number Theory, which is a fancy way of saying these are problems related to factors, multiples, prime numbers and remainders. In the 12th lesson, learn how to solve SAT math problems. Here are the math problems and their page numbers that this video covers:

How To: Set up in the batter's box with Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard is one of the greatest power hitters in the game today. In this video, he breaks down his procedure for setting up in the batter's box before taking a pitch. He encourages young players to develop a batter's box routine like his own to ensure that they are in the proper position every time the stand in to bat.

How To: Reduce fractions using prime factors in basic math

After a guide on how to reduce fractions using prime factors? See how it's done with this free video math lesson. From Ramanujan to calculus co-creator Gottfried Leibniz, many of the world's best and brightest mathematical minds have belonged to autodidacts. And, thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever to follow in their footsteps (or just finish your homework or study for that next big test).

How To: Use and Set Up a Baxter Infusion Pump in Nursing

One important part of nursing is knowing how to use and set up an IV infusion pump. Follow along with this Baxter setup demonstration to learn how to carry out this procedure with a real patient. Keep watching and learn how to do a piggyback IV set up also. Watch, learn and practice setting up Baxter IV infusion pumps during nursing lab. Note that the Baxter infusion pump doesn't have a cassette to prime.

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