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How To: Sew a baby bib

There's nothing greater than giving a baby a handmade gift that they will treasure. In this tutorial, learn how to sew a simple double sided baby bib. This bib is adorable and durable and will last long enough to pass down from kid to kid.

How To: Use blue tape when tattooing

Using blue tape and a dental bib during tattooing to protect a portable tattoo armrest from ink and blood. The process of protecting the armrest is simple. This process would prevent ink from being transferred to another person or even onto their clothes. Using the dental bib you place it over an armrest and use blue 3m tape to secure the dental bib. Once this is done you are ready to start tattooing. Very cost effective and efficient way to protect an armrest and others.

How To: Make and decorate a ready for bath baby shower cake

The video is a demonstration of how to decorate a cake for a baby shower decorated to look like a baby bib. For the cake recipe, use a cake mix and add 2 teaspoons of freshly grated orange zest, 1 cup orange juice, 4 eggs and 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and bake it the normal way. For the filling, 1 cup of cold milk, 1 package of vanilla instant pudding, and two teaspoons of orange zest and fold in two cups of Cool Whip. Level the cake by cutting the top off and cut it into layers. On the bot...

How To: Make a baby bib card

This instructional scrapbooking video will teach you how to make a congratulatory card for a baby. This adorable card serves as the perfect first birthday card. Or, simply celebrate the occasion of eating solid foods with this cute baby bib card. Add texture to your birthday card with embossing tools. You can use store bought cutouts and decorations, or make your own out of recycled scraps of paper and ribbon.

How To: Make delicious pork loin roast sandwiches

Some would consider making sandwiches an art form. So many options to choose from can seem scary, but the right type of condiments, mixed with the right kind of meat, and bread, will result in a tasty and delicious meal. So in this tutorial, you'll find out how to make a delicious pork loin roast sandwich from scratch. Prepare the bib and good luck!

How To: Make spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup

This tutorial is for those who are looking for a yummy and delicious meal after a hard day of work. In the video, you'll be finding out how to make a spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup, or pho soup, using very healthy and tasty ingredients. So get your bib and spoon ready and enjoy the video.

How To: Carve a watermelon baby stroller filled with fruit

This watermelon baby carriage is just waiting to get rolled into a baby shower! When traditional gifts like baby bibs and ginormous baskets of diapers and pacifiers won't cut it, this stroller is all that and then some. Carved out of a single piece of watermelon, the stroller comes equipped with wheels, a sun shade, and a handle for pushing.

How To: Draw Stewie Griffin from Family Guy with a pencil

In this tutorial, we learn how to draw Stewie Griffin from Family Guy with a pencil. Start off by drawing the ears, then the football shaped head around the ears. next, draw the arms with the shirt on it, and make the hands. Also, draw a rocket with Stewie holding it. Keep drawing downwards, making the arms around the rocket and the body with pants and a bib on top. Draw in the details of the face, giving the character large eyes and a triangle shaped nose. Give the character narrow eyebrows ...

How To: Make a wasabi viniagrette salad

To make a wasabi vinaigrette salad start with some lettuce. You can use a variety of different salads such as romaine, black eyed Simpson, bib lettuce, and four season lettuce. You can also add arugula and other herbs, freshly grated Parmesan, fresh sausage, avocado, goat cheese, salami, and pesto sauce.

How To: Get the Sharpshooter Destruction in Call of Juarez:BIB

If you've never played a western game before, starting off with Call of Juarez:Bound in Blood might be a good start. This first-person shooter has a great arsenal of weapons, solid story, and pretty nice graphics. If you're starting off with this game, why not grab an achievement or two while you're at it. In this tutorial, you'll find out how to get the Sharpshooter Destruction achievement. It requires you to be very quick and accurate. So check it out and enjoy!

How To: Cook crab legs with James Hayduk

Every sailor will tell you, there's nothing tastier than fresh crab legs. They're easy to make and only take a few minutes. All you need to do is boil the legs and add a little flavor and the rest takes care of itself. So, get a bib because it's about to get messy and check out this tutorial for making delicious garlic crab legs!

How To: Make baby bibs

Crafter Dawn Huntington shows how to make felted baby bibs. Materials needed are 8 1/2-by-14-inch sheet of freezer paper, felt, ink-jet printer, small binder clips, snaps and a templet which can be obtained from the article part of this video. Make baby bibs.

News: The 5 Weirdest Items on the In-N-Out Super Secret Menu

As a California resident, I'm all too familiar with the delicious western fast food chain In-N-Out. The food is great: the fries, the shakes, the fresh ingredients, the secret sauce. And of course, the secret menu. There are only 4 items posted on the in-store menu, but for customers in the know, there are more "secret" items available:

How To: Install No-Frills Drip Irrigation

Solving a Dilemma This is a simple how-to for a cost effective drip irrigation system for your garden. My motivation to set up my garden for drip irrigation was pretty simple. In the summer, it gets to 90+ degrees outside, and my 50’ garden hose didn’t reach the far extents where I have the majority of my large trees. I noticed a large amount of the water I applied to the trees just ran off and did absolutely nothing. This was a huge waste of resources.

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