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How To: Help kids understand civil rights and racism

Having universal rights for all genders and colors. Segregation was wide spread. In 1954 the law said that it was unconstitutional for schools be divided because of color. It took some time for these laws to be enforced. 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his famous "I have a dream" speech. Help kids understand civil rights and racism.

News: Apartheid in New York City

Pranking is good. Pranking in New York City is even better. These jesters with too much time on their hands decided to force segregation on the mean streets of Manhattan. You may recall "Frozen in Grand Central" and "No Pants", two events which helped create a name for these out of work thespians. The genesis for Improv Everywhere happened nine years ago when one of the founders decided to tell the ladies in the bar that he was musician Ben Folds during one late night of drinking. Ummm. It wo...

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