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How To: Create an image gallery (slideshow) in Flash CS4

Slideshow is such a dirty word. Most people immediately think of boring family reunions or 1980's corporate meetings when they hear it. That's probably why web designers prefer using the term image gallery to refer to their slideshow-like works. This video will teach you how to make an automatic image gallery using Flash CS4, which is a slideshow where the images advance automatically on a timer.

“Wow, You Look Great!”: Giving Compliments Without Being a Jerk

As someone who’s entering a time of life that involves weddings, reunions, and generally running into people I haven’t seen in awhile, I find myself being shocked by how much people have changed over the years. A lot of times, people will have dropped a bunch of weight, or have turned into a kind and articulate human being, or have obviously stopped doing so many drugs. It’s important, when complimenting people on positive life changes, to let them know how well you think they’re doing withou...

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