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How To: Create shiny, reflective & vector text in Illustrator

Learn how to create shiny, reflective and vector text in Adobe Ilustrator. Open a new file in Illustrator. Select pixel dimensions and orientation. Select the text tool and enter desired text. Ungroup the text. Select a portion of the text. Use the gradient editor to select a swatch and change the angle. Adjust the drop shadow. Create a reflection of the text using the horizontal reflect command.

How To: Reflect or mirror algorithms for the Rubik's Cube

This video tutorial is for beginner puzzlers who are getting more advanced in their speedsolving of the Rubik's Cube. When solving the Rubiks Cube, there are these mathematical equations called algorithms, which I'm sure you already know, but in this algorithms you may find the need to mirror them, or reflect them, to get the exact opposite, forming a new algorithm. Well, this video will teach you all about how to reflect or mirror algorithms for the Rubik's Cube.

How To: Stretch, shift & reflect the graph of a square root

Professor ElvisZap teaches you how to stretch shift and reflect the graph of a square root. A square root function is the opposite of a squared function. You start with y=square root of (x-1) it becomes 0<=x-1. then 1 <=x. You use the graph and solve it as you would for any function using small values first, then you have y=square root of x - 1, the domain 0<=x. This shifted the graph down 1 unit. 0=square root of x - 1, 1=square root of x, 1=x. Then the range is [-1 + infinity). Continue in ...

How To: Use the Reflect and Rotate tools in Adobe Illustrator CS4 or CS5

In this clip, you'll learn how to rotate or create a custom reflection of an image when doing design work in Adobe Illustrator CS4 or CS5. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular vector graphics editing software or a seasoned professional just looking to better acquaint yourself with the program and its various features and filters, you're sure to be well served by this video tutorial. For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, watch this free video guide.

How To: Create a 3D sphere & reflection in Illustrator

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to create a 3D sphere and reflection in Adobe Illustrator. Begin by using the ellipse tool and create a circle. Select the black and white gradient, and drag the colors that you want into the gradient panel. Now hold the Alt key and draw a smaller circle inside. Fill it with white/transparent gradient. Select the sphere and go to Object/Group. Now go to Effect/Distort and Transform/Transform. Tick the Preview and Reflect Y, insert 1 copies box and sel...

How To: Easily make a reflection in Photoshop

River City Graphix Tutorials demonstrates how to make a reflection in Photoshop. First, fill the background layer with black. Then, select the text tool and a color of your choosing. Type the words that you would like to reflect. Next, duplicate the layer to make a copy of the layer. Hold shift and bring it down, setting it on the bottom of the other layer. Select the rectangular marquee tool, right click to get the free transform tool. Right click again and then flip the image vertically. Se...

How To: Rotate and reflect objects in Illustrator CS2

Do you need to rotate an object on a different axis other than the object's center? In this Illustrator CS2 video tutorial you will learn to rotate and reflect objects and how to perform horizontal and vertical reflect. Make sure to hit "play tutorial" in the top left corner of the video to start the video. There is no sound, so you'll need to watch the pop-up directions. Rotate and reflect objects in Illustrator CS2.

How To: Learn tabletop studio photography with mirrors

This instructional photography video with Jim Talkington explores tabletop studio photography done with mirrors. Use just one light and several mirrors to light your subject. You can also use silver poster board or white poster board to reflect the light from the strobe. Mirrors are the best way to reflect most of the light in your shoot. Practice these tips and improve your photography skills.

How To: Make a calla lily hand tied bridal bouquet

This tutorial by the Floral Design Institute demonstrates how to create a hand-tied Calla bridal bouquet. The key to creating this bouquet is to make sure your flowers are properly prepared. The flowers should be fully hydrated (in water for at least two hours). Take each flower and mold each stem to to reflect the natural curve of the flower. Lay them side by side so they are lined up in a parallel fashion. Give even pressure on the stem to prevent bends or kinks. Some stems may be straight ...

How To: Make an infrared heart sensor

This video shows how to create an infrared heart sensor using an Arduino controller, a couple of resistors, and an infrared light emitter and detector. This device will be used on the subject's finger, detecting the amount of blood which is flowing through the subject's finger. The amount of oxygenation of the blood is shown in the finger, which will cause the infrared light to reflect off the skin and to the transmitter which is close by. The fluctuations of oxygenation are picked up by the ...

How To: Create a Times Square billboard in Photoshop

Pixel Perfect is the "perfect" show to help you with your Photoshop skills. Be amazed and learn as master digital artist Bert Monroy takes a stylus and a digital pad and treats it as Monet and Picasso do with oil and canvas. Learn the tips and tricks you need to whip those digital pictures into shape with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In this episode, Ben shows you how to create a Times Square billboard in Photoshop.

How To: Make a Thanksgiving "Book Of Thanks" with your kids

Childcareland demonstrates how to make a Thanksgiving book of thanks with kids in this video. A book of thanks can be done by a group or an individual. It begins a title page which can be labeled to reflect whether it is an individual book called "My Book of Thanks" or an group book called "Our Book of Thanks" or a general book called "Book of Thanks". The back page is a blank match of the cover page. In the middle are five pages labeled "I'm thankful for" with a line for older children to wr...

How To: Make LED and basic sink tube lightsabers

Have you become a Jedi in your Star Wars delusional mind? If so, break out of the the asylum with a Jedi lightsaber. Oh, but you don't have a lightsaber yet, okay. Well, this video tutorial will show you how to make a very inexpensive LED light saber with the most basic parts you could find. Novastar will shares his Jedi wisdom on LED light sabers, so pay attention, or you could never get out of that loony bin.

How To: Create glass material in 3ds Max

Dave shows you how to produce a glass three different ways in 3ds Max in the video tutorial. Put two panels away, then concentrating on sensor one press m on the keyboard to bring up the materials editor. On the material editor go to the first sphere, choosing a slight blue color, bring up the specter level, bring up the glossy level, click on two sided and bring down the last two to about four. Look to see it is fairly transparent, in a test window. This is glass one, put on hide. Go to glas...

How To: Edit your XBox 360 bio

If you're looking for a way to make your XBox 360 profile stand out from the rest, then look no farther. Check out this video to learn how to edit your 360 bio to better reflect your personality. Just copy and paste the grid below into Notepad:

How To: Become a professional club DJ

You already know the mechanics of DJing, but you want to be an international celebrity -- or at least drink for free while showing off your music collection. Here's how to spin your hobby into a career. Watch this video to learn how to become a professional club DJ.

How To: Tie your Converse shoes with two laces for each shoe

The simplest and most fun way of customizing your Converse sneakers to reflect your personality is to lace them all fancy-like. Whether you love pink laces or emo black ones, choose two of your favorite shoelace colors and check out this fashion DIY tutorial to learn how to tie your Converse shoe with two laces per shoe.

How To: Comprehend quarter, half, and whole music rests

In this tutorial, we learn how to understand music rests (Quarter, half, & whole rests). Rests are signs of silence while you are playing a song. Silence is a very important element in creating music, giving the audience time to reflect on the notes that they just heard. The whole note lasts for four beats and has two half notes. Every half note has a quarter not and every quarter note lasts one beat. The quarter rest means you will count one beat where you will lift your finger from the key ...

How To: Change the registered system owner name in Windows Vista

Mistakes can happen, and in Windows Vista, you can fix them without stress. What if you bought a PC with Windows Vista installed? The registered user name (owner/admin) would not be your name. So, how do you change it to reflect your name? This video will show you how to change the registered owner name in Vista, with just a few quick steps. This is also handy if your owner name is misspelled or just flat out wrong!

How To: Change the colour scheme in Word 2007

In this video, we learn how to change the color scheme in Word 2007. First, click on the Word orb in the upper left hand corner. After this, go to the options menu to change your settings. On the new window that pops up, you will see an option to change the color from blue to silver or black. Choose which color you want to have as your background on this software, then click on "ok". Now your color scheme will be changed to not reflect the blue that you usually see when you star this program ...

How To: Make Firefox your default web browser

In this tutorial, we learn how to make Firefox the default web browser. First, go to tools on your Firefox page and then click on options. Then, click on advanced and check that Firefox will be the start up browser. Click "ok" and then that window will disappear. You can now open up different windows and this will now make Firefox your default browser without having to change constantly with another browser. if you want to change this at any point, you can always go back to your advanced opti...

How To: Write an annotated bibliography with 4 easy tips

In this video from KatiesTeachings we learn how to write an annotated bibliography with 4 easy tips. Katie Mitchell gives this tutorial. Once you find your sources you need to record the bibliographic information like who wrote it, when they wrote it, and when it was published. Next you need to summarize the source. Third, you want to assess the source. In doing this you want to answer questions such as was it good and is it valid. Finally the last step is to reflect on the source. These four...

How To: Draw Kim and Ron from Kim Possible

YouTube user DrawingNow teaches you how to draw Kim and Ron from Kim Possible. You start with a green background and use a pencil to sketch their bodies. Start with a simple circle for the head and then add ears and hair. Add the neck connecting to the body and a fist extending forward. Draw the other hand and remember the pants and shoes. Next start with an oval for Ron's face and draw larger ears, but smaller hair. He's also in an action move, so reflect that in the way he holds his hands a...

How To: Monitor network activity on Windows 7 with Tekzilla

Veronica from Tekzilla teaches you how to monitor network activity on Windows 7. Go to ITSamples and download the Network Activity Indicator program. Install it and run it. This will add a new icon on your system tray. It blinks to reflect incoming and outgoing packets. You can right click to see a more detailed report. You also get statistics and a menu for your network and firewall settings. So to get the popular windows XP type network indicator icon all you need to do is follow the steps ...

How To: French braid your fringe or bangs like Lauren Conrad

Video shows how to use bobby pins to French braid your bangs to reflect a style used by Lauren Conrad. In order to begin this look bangs must come about down to your chin so it is long enough to braid. Starting out by brushing your hair straight you pull back your hair back with a clip leaving only your bangs free. Then you gather three small sections of hair and begin braiding starting with the back most length first. After finishing this braid you secure the braided hair back under the rest...

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