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News: Meticulous Recreations of Old Family Photographs

It's axiomatic: if you want to know what's different, look to what's the same. And, if you want to know what's the same, look to what's different. What makes Irina Werning's Back to the Future project so amazing then is that, in matching everything that can be matched, she helps us instantly hone in on what can't. In most cases, viewers notice just one thing—the effects of the passage of time on the subjects of the photographs. It's very strange and sometimes even unsettling. But also really,...

How To: Recreate Lady Gaga's "Telephone" makeup look

Lady Gaga is inspiring young women around the world with her provocative style, and makeup recreations are popping up all over the web. In this makeup tutorial, Primp Powder Pout shows you how to recreate Lady Gaga's makeup style from her "telephone" music video. It may be a bit too much for normal wear, but it's great fun to try on.

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