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How To: Convert between metric units

Do you find yourself annoyed with converting between different metric units? If so, this is the tutorial that you need. This video teaches you how to convert between the metric units as well as the reasoning behind the conversion. By the end of the video, you will be able to convert any measurement in the metric system within seconds. By teaching you the prefixes of the metric system, you can also gain the ability to convert metric units in seconds and no longer fear this measuring system again.

How To: Understanding Signature Schemes: How Data Sources Are Authenticated, Secured, & Spoofed

One of the biggest problems in data security is authentication of data and its source. How can Alice be certain that the executable in her inbox is from the venerable Bob, and not from the not-so-venerable Oscar? Clearly Alice wants to know because if this file is actually sent to her by Oscar, the file might not be a game, but a trojan that can do anything on her computer such as sift through her email and passwords, upload her honeymoon pictures, or even turn on microphones and webcams. Thi...

How To: 3 Reasons Why You Need iOS 14.5's New Privacy Features on Your iPhone

Many of us choose to use an iPhone — as well as other devices in the Apple ecosystem — because of the company's dedication to user privacy and security. If you need more proof of that commitment, look no further than iOS 14.5, released April 26, which adds new tools to protect our data while browsing the web and more control over the data installed apps collect on us.

How To: Use Microsoft Outlook

In this Microsoft Outlook video tutorial, learn how to use Microsoft Outlook from systems administrator and MS Outlook expert Gary Zier. Gary will teach you Microsoft Outlook techniques such as how to permanently delete items in MS Outlook, how to selectively send read receipts in Outlook, how to prevent multiple prefixes in emails, how to create and save searches in Microsoft Outlook, how to configure the desktop alert in Outlook, how to print select pages from an email, and how to create cu...

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