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News: Google's Daydream May Materialize in Just Two Weeks

We've heard a bit about Google Daydream—the new smartphone-based virtual reality platform that is supposed to provide a markedly better experience than Cardboard—but don't really know what it'll look like. Engadget claims we could find out in just a couple of weeks, since Android Nougat is already out, a necessary component of Daydream.

How To: Create the basics of a platform game with Actionscript

The platform game is probably the most popular style of game of all time (1st person shooters are catching up) thanks to Mario. Have you ever wanted to make your own? This video is here to help you get started. It will walk you through the first steps in the process, creating a hero character and then enabling them to jump and land on platforms at the press of a button. Now you're on your way to making your very own platformer!

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