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How To: Create a hairstyle and makeup look inspired by Twiggy

This hair and makeup tutorial helps you recreate the obvious style of Twiggy and her androgynous looks. The English model, actress and singer is known for her large eyes, long eyelashes and think build, but in this tutorial, you'll be focusing on her short stylish hairdo and a makeup look inspired by her. PrimpPowderPout's subject in this tutorial is Miss Lena Mae, burlesque performer extraordinaire!

News: exploding toilet poop

Ok look find a restroom that all the Jackass cast would would use...then replace it with a non working toilet.and the idea is that when a jackass member has to use the restroom they will sit down and poop,but inside the toilet there will be some poop hidden and that poop will explode on them and will be really gross but a great prank, and they will have poop from another jackass member.hehe sounds like great idea to me.oh yeah and it can only be one victim or maybe more who knows you guys try...

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