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How To: Play Battlelands Royale on Your iPhone Right Now

With PUBG and Fortnite dominating the gaming scene, other companies are making royale-themed games to get in on the trend. Futureplay is no different, as they've soft launched Battlelands Royale in Finland, Poland and Ukraine to iron out bugs before its worldwide debut. If you don't live in one of those countries, you can try this game right now with a quick workaround.

News: Just Cause 2

Just got finished playing Just Cause 2, a fairly new title developed by Eidos & Avalanche.  I was fairly skeptical of it due to the 81 metascore on metacritic, but decided to rent it with Gamefly.  At first, I was pretty turned off due to the highly repetitive missions (HIGHLY), but after exploring the vast world, I realized it offered so much more.

News: Pogo-Chuting

It is just like parachuting but instead you go up in a airplane and jump out on a pogo stick and without a parachute. Do a flip from the pogo stick out of the plane without a parachute on. But just like on one of your previous Jackass stunts the guy falls a couple of feet and then links up with a guy that has a parachute.

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