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How To: Sew a pair of panties

This video sewing tutorial series shows how to make a pair of panties. While you could just go buy your own, hand-ensures an exact fit and custom colors. Besides, it's fun! Learn how to sew a pair of underwear by watching this instructional video.

How To: Wash bras and panties

The most used and most washed articles of clothing are undergarments. Underwear, specifically bras and panties, are in desperate need of attention after each and every use. They're not like a pair of jeans, wearing them twice in a row is not a good idea, nor clean. Shabby’s not chic when it comes to lingerie. Use a little extra care to keep your lace and silk bras and panties looking good.

How To: Fold panties

In this how to video, the Beverly Hills Organizer, Linda Koopersmith demonstrates how to fold panities for compact storage. The storage of your clothes and underwear makes a huge difference in the appearance and longevity of your garments. Watch this organizing tutorial and you will be properly folding and storing your panties in no time.

How To: Mix an edible panties cocktail

Panties don't taste like fruit, unless the edible panties cocktail is the one in question. Raspberry vodka, orange vodka, cranberry juice, sweet and sour, watermelon liqueur, sour apple liqueur, and triple sec make up the edible panties cocktail. Follow along with bartender Jorge as he gives step by step directions for how to mix up this specialty alcoholic drink. Watch this video beverage making tutorial and learn how to mix the edible panties cocktail.

How To: Fold a pair of tap panties

In this how to video, the Beverly Hills Organizer, Linda Koopersmith demonstrates how to fold a pair of tap panties for neat and compact storage. The way you store your clothes and underwear makes a huge difference in the appearance and longevity of your garments. Watch this organizing tutorial and you will be properly folding and storing your tap panties in no time.

News: Lots and Lots of Panties Make For Good Mood Lighting

We've seen chandeliers made from paper, light bulbs and Chiquita banana cartons, so why not ladies' undergarments? Video artist Pipilotti Rist recently showcased her glowing underwear chandelier at New York's Luhring Augustine gallery. Rist's underwear of choice (granny panties) aren't exactly sexy, but there's something oddly interesting about the cascading, pastel skivvies.

How To: Eliminate panty lines

Get all of the makeup and hair tutorials you need from In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to eliminate panty lines. This is the perfect tip for shedding those panty lines. Those panties don't have to be seen through your clothes. See the trick!

How To: Avoid visible panty lines

Don't let your panties give you a bubble butt; there are a half-dozen ways to avoid unsightly underwear lines. You will need any of the following: panties in your skin tone, a thong, microfiber panties, boy-leg briefs, boxer shorts pants patches and a body shaper. Don't embarrass yourself. Never let those panty lines show again.

How To: Make a nightie out of pillowcases with Threadbanger

In this video Threadbanger Projects shows how Anne made her nightdress out of a pillow case to match panties up loader Clare Bear showed how to previously for Valentines Day. Materials needed are a pillowcase to match the frilly panties, elastic, ribbon, scissors, and a sewing machine. She explains how to measure elastic points using your body and shows how to attach the elastic using pins and a sewing machine. She finishes the nightdress with ribbon for the straps and a bow on the back.

How To: Get lingerie tips for women

Like it not, you've got to wear underwear sometimes, and for women that includes a bra and panties. If walking into a lingerie store is a daunting task, let our expert teach you everything you need to know about women's underwear.

How To: Make the best mixed drinks and body shots

Adam Nieman shows you how to make over fifty mixed drinks, frozen drinks, and shots. You will learn to make a Mai Tai, Irish Coffee, Liquid Coca, Red Eye, Frozen Margarita, Urinal Cake, Heavenly Sex, G String, and many more. Adam also shares recipes for shots: Granny Panties, Hand Job, Golden Nipple, and more. There are two special clips that teach you how to drink body shots from the bellybutton (navel) or the mouth.

How To: Take Your Measurements

These measurments should be taken and recorded before drawing up you clothing design pattern. Wear the bra and panties you will be wearing with the final garment. Another option, especially if you are going to be selling a series of the garments, is to follow a size chart. While sizing is not very standardized in the clothing industry, I like the charts on the Burdastyle website which are in both inches and centimeters. When measuring, the tape measure should be neither too tight nor too loos...

News: DIY Clap-Off Bra

If the whale tail cookies and edible undies weren't naughty enough, you've still got about 24 hours left before Valentine's Day to whip up one of F.A.T. artist Randy Sarafan's step-by-step clap-off bras. Inspired by the electronic singing panties and remote-controlled bras of the secret underworld of Syrian lingerie, Sarafan made a mission to "fast-forward lingerie technology in the West".

How To: Remove Those Annoying Image Previews on the Updated Twitter Apps for Android & iPhone

Twitter is now forcing you to look at pictures that you might now even want to look at with their newly implemented Image Preview feature, which automatically displays image and Vine video thumbnails directly in your timeline on the updated Android and iPhone apps. That photo of your friend's baby that you don't want to see? It's there.That video of a stupid cat doing something stupid? That's also there.

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