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How To: Make an origami Shogun Japanese warrior for beginners

The Japanese Shoguns built their entire warrior culture around masochism. Did you lose in battle? Congratulations, you must cut off your own head! Did you dishonor your general? Punishment consists of swirling your guts around with your own sword (yes, you're doing this yourself) and then chopping off your head. As you can see, failure - and disobedience - was not an option, and to commit it shamed you so much it would be more honorable to be dead than alive.

News: Shocking Videos Reveal Truth Behind Syrian “Freedom Fighters

No one can deny that Bashar Al-Assad’s regime has been responsible for violence. But in failing to equally acknowledge the fact that NATO-backed rebels have also carried out innumerable atrocities is not only dishonest, it represents a deliberate effort by the press to manipulate the narrative of unfolding events in Syria as a one-sided war crime rather than the truth – which is the fact that Syria is in a state of civil war.

How To: Make an origami water bomb to soak your friends

In this tutorial, we learn how to use the ancient and honorable craft of origami paper-folding to make a water bomb we can then employ to soak our poor, unsuspecting friends and families. The materials are very simple, just some printer paper and water. But the results can be devastating. (Of course, you could also just make a paper balloon without filling it with water and throwing it at somebody. But where's the fun in that?)

News: And the Winner of the Phone Snap Funny Face Challenge Is...

Congratulations to Kyle B Richardson, the winner of our very last Phone Snap Challenge! Thanks to all who submitted their silly funny face photos for this week's challenge, as well as all previous Phone Snap challenges. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and it is time for Phone Snap to come to a close, but please feel free to continue to utilize the Phone Snap community corkboard to continue to share your best cell phone photos.

Fire Dousing Baby Doll: WTFoto Stock Photo Challenge Winner (Plus Favorites)

For any of you not in the loop, last week marked our first ever WTFoto Challenge. The goal was to find the craziest, most absurd stock photo on the web we've never seen before. There were a lot of WTF images submitted to our community corkboard, and now it's time to announce the results of the stock image showdown. Who will win the the honor of Watermark of Weirdness? Drumroll please, imaginary band leader named Tim Drickles...

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