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How To: Draw a happy clown cartoon

Draw along with Bruce Blitz as he shows you how to create the happiest clown around. All you need is paper, a pencil, a marker, colored chalks or colored pencils, and an eraser. Write the letter “h” – lowercase. Put a circle for his nose inside the curve. Draw in a big smile and make a lighter line for his makeup. Use vertical dashes for his eyes and draw 2 lines going across the center. Use upside down “V’s” for eyebrows. Connect the bottom of the “H” for his chin. Make really big floppy ear...

How To: Draw a cartoon of a laughing person

Join Bruce Blitz as he teaches you one of his favorite sketches. This cartoon expression will make you laugh out loud. All you need to create this cartoon of a laughing person is pad of paper, pencil, marker, colored chalks or colored pencils, and an eraser. Using your pencil, loosely draw an oval for the face. Switch to marker to add features. Draw a big looping line to the top right for this nose. You want to leave a lot of room for his mouth. Draw two pointy half triangles going up for eye...

How To: Make a Ke$ha Halloween Costume

Do you want to dress up as your favorite singer for Halloween? This tutorial shows you how to dress up like Ke$ha for Halloween. The Kesha costume is very easy to put together and only requires a little bit of makeup and clothing to put together. Be sure not to get any glitter in your eye!

News: Ka$hA TaKe$ ThE To0p

As far as new artists go, 2010 more or less belonged to this 23-year-old Nashville native, who released her hit debut, "Animal," in January, then followed it up last month with a nine-track mini-album, "Cannibal."

How To: How Deep Is Your Love ? :-/

HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE ? I can almost hear the tune ! ... This little PALMISTRY 'How to Video' is dedicated to all you lovers out there. Lets hope you still are after this video, ha ha ! sorry just a little joke.. Well watch and hope you enjoy my JOURNEY THROUGH LOVE ! Dedicated also to the HOW TO team ! x x x hope you do not split up ! :-o eek !! I Commit myself ...... Editing/Music/Presentation Jim Winter @2010 Contact - ( )

News: Long and Jurassic C#$k

Ok, so for this one its going to be on my friend Nathans cousin, Justin, once again. We mess with this guy sooo much ha. Read the whole prank, but it short, He thinks he's gonna be in an actual movie, but instead its a Jurassic Park themed gay porn shoot. So we're gonna tell him we're going to California to be in Jurassic Park 4(he'll believe it, trust me). On the flight we can even have a couple pages of a fake script to read. When we get there it'll be just like any other shoot or at least ...

News: Marie Antoinette Wigs Made With Miles of Plastic Wrap

Kate Cusak is resourceful. The artist makes Marie Antoinette wigs crafted entirely with saran wrap: “'There is an exciting ‘a-ha’ moment when someone realizes that there is more to my design then they initially expected,' Cusack says. 'I create polished, elegant work that the viewer can appreciate in a serious way, but then when the viewer notices whatever the object is made out of, it surprises them and brings a smile to their face.'”

News: The Revolution of the Hacked Kinect, Part 1: Teaching Robots & the Blind to See

In 2007, Nintendo introduced the world to motion control video games with the Wii. Microsoft and Sony built on Nintendo's phenomenal success and released their own motion control products for the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 late in 2010: the Kinect and the Move. The Move is basically an improved Wiimote that looks like a sci-fi Harry Potter wand, but the Kinect just might be the most important video game peripheral of all time.

News: Winning with 2-Letter Words

When your opponent throws down "AA", you tell them no abbreviations, but alas... it's not. They build "ZA" on the board for 64 points, and you say it's slang, but it's in the dictionary. Next is "EF", and you let them know that spelling out letters is not allowed and ridiculous... but it's totally legit.

News: OMG. Surf then touch a Bigass Whale at Westwards

This one smells like a fish story.  It is not.  Tuesday April 13, Dave and I got up to surf westward at 7 in the morning.  First rate waves.  Headache cold water....sun blocked by the cliffs.  Fast, clean, beach break.  3-4 foot sets, mostly lefts.  About 15 dolphins swam by.  Blase blase.  We always see dolphins.  But then some bigass whale with barnacles breaches.  We are speechless.  It is about 20 feet from us. We follow it for about thirty seconds and pinch ourselves.  Have-you-ever?  No...

How To: Score Big with Simple 2-Letter Words in Scrabble

No matter what word game you're playing, whether it's Scrabble or one of its near-homogeneous counterparts like Lexulous, Wordfeud or Words with Friends, one of the easiest ways to stay on top of your opponent is knowing all of the legal two-letter words you can play. You're not going to win by only playing two-letter words, but there are definitely occasions when the game could slip from your hands by not playing them.

News: The Simpsons Family Gets Scrabbled!

My JO was watching The Simpsons on FOX the other day, like she wholeheartedly does every evening, and I joined her, much like I always do— though I must admit, I'm not as obsessed with the cartoon family as much as she is. Just like she isn't as obsessed with SCRABBLE as I am.

Don't Get Doxed: 5 Steps to Protecting Your Private Information on the Web

If you follow the Anonymous, Occupy, and IT security scenes, you have no doubt heard about a dox release. What is it? How can it hurt you? And most importantly, how can you protect yourself from it? Some of these steps might seem common sense, while others will be an ah-ha! moment. Your private info is both your biggest weakness and your biggest weapon in your battle to remain anonymous. You must learn how to use it as both.

News: Fake death on my family

Ok, I dont care what prank we pull on my family. If they think I'm dead for a day or two, I think that would be great! My original idea for this I think was going too far or actually would have taken too much time and probably would have cost too much money. Hopefully this wouldnt cost too much, 'cause I think this would be funny as fuck! ha. Ok, well my family will know you're gonna be flying me out to L.A.. What if we make a plane crash and call my family and tell them that thats the plane ...

News: No need for a paternity test for this one. The prank that lasts 9 months.

Well the title kinda expains the main idea for this. Theres no need for a paternity test for this one. Pretty simple, but funny idea. You need to find somone thats having a baby, it would be awesome if it was one of the Jackass guys, but anyways when they're in the delivery room the doctor will say they're having complications and the father has to wait outside. He'll wait for a while and then the nurses and doctors will walk out with their heads down with like a oh shit look on their faces a...

News: Old couple join the mile high club

Pretty simple idea. While on a plane have an old couple get up and go into the bathroom together. They can be really loud and stuff saying things like "I dont think I can do that position anymore. My plastic hip cant take it" "Thank God for Viagra" "Thank for menopause. Now I can bust my nut in you honey" or "Why didnt you change your depends?" "Well I'm getting old, It just comes out some times and I dont know it" or "Did you bring the lube? You're not exactly like the niagara falls down the...