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How To: Identify a mustang horse

This video is a tutorial on how to identify a mustang horse breed. The instructor begins by saying that it is not easy to identify a mustang horse because of the cross breeding characteristics of mustangs. The mustang shown in the video is larger then an average mustang. The instructor shows the mustangs white brand and all the different meanings along with age tagged along with the horse. The mustang is known for having feet that are larger then most other horse species. The most important s...

How To: Install Mustang LED dome lights

Update your Ford Mustang to a more appropriate custom look! With dome lights! If you're looking for a new feel for your Mustang, then US Muscle Mods can help. 'Stang LED lights are the way to go for dome lights. See how to install Mustang LED dome lights.

How To: Install sequential (chase) tail lights on a Mustang

In this video, we learn how to install chase tail lights on a Mustang. First, you need to remove the rear trunk panel and trim piece. Next, prepare your tail light kit by following the directions that are given to you with the package. Next, cut the tail light wire. Now, put on your turn signal and take note of which light it still blinking, then mark it with electrical tape. Now, swap that light into the in board position and run the new wires by rewiring the new lights into the tail light. ...

How To: Install anti-sway bars on a 2008 Ford Mustang GT

In this tutorial, we learn how to install anti-sway bars on a 2008 Ford Mustang GT. First, take off the bolt off the end link, then use a socket to remove the nuts off the sway bar. After this, remove the sway bar and set aside. Now, insert your new sway bar, making sure you line it up properly. Then, place the bushings in with it and apply all the bolts in place to keep it secure. After you are done with this, replace all the parts that you took out of the car in the first place. When you ar...

How To: Install a chin spoiler on a Ford Mustang

In this tutorial, we learn how to install a chin spoiler on a Ford Mustang. First, you will need to remove the four screws below the front bumper of the car. Now, remove the underneath section that is located just below the license plate. Drill holes inside the new spoiler, then reattach the sensor and put it back in place where the old chin spoiler was located. Make sure you replace any bolts that you took out in the beginning. You can use double sided tape to make sure the spoiler sticks, a...

How To: Install smoked headlights with halos on a Ford Mustang

One great thing about cars, beside the fact that it can get you from point A to point B, is the fact thatyou can customize it to fit your personality. This can be done in a variety of different ways, but one of the easiest involved the head lights. Before attempting this tutorial, check your state laws on what kind of headlights you are allowed to have.

How To: Install a cold air intake (CAI) for a 96-04 Mustang

In this tutorial, we learn how to install a cold air intake for a 96-04 Mustang. First, you will need to lift up the hood and locate/disconnect all wiring harnesses. Then remove the bolt around the air filter housing and set aside. Separate the intake and the housing, then pull out the air filter housing. Reinstall rubber grommets that may have come out, then disconnect all hoses from the engine. Put the intake and the pieces together, then you will start to place it back into the car the way...

How To: Install a hood strut kit on a Mustang

In this video, we learn how to install a hood strut kit on a Mustang. Start by opening up the hood and removing the sound tube locator. After this, cut 1/2" from the middle to make space on it for the bolt. Reapply this, then bolt it back into place. Next, install the body bracket with a socket and remove all bolts around the spot its in. After you install the bracket replace the bolts and do both of these steps again on the other side of the car. When you are done, make sure all parts are re...

How To: Install a brake upgrade on a Ford Mustang

In this tutorial, we learn how to perform a brake upgrade on a Ford Mustang. To begin, remove your lug nuts and jack up the rear of the vehicle. Next, remove the brake caliper and all bolts around it. Remove your brake pads and remove more bolts from the back as well. Now, take off the metal ring around the rotor, then slide the rotor off as well. Put on your new rotor after this, then reinstall your bracket and remove the brake fluid from the car. Put all the bolts and parts back into the ca...

How To: Install a headlight upgrade on a Ford Mustang GT

In this tutorial, we learn how to install a headlight upgrade on a Ford Mustang GT. To start, remove the radiator cover and the clips around it. Now, take a 10 mm socket and remove the bolt next to the headlight. Now, turn your wheel to remove the screws around the headlight. Next, there will be 2 (10mm) bolts you will have to remove, as well as a fender lining. Disconnect your marker lights by pressing on the tabs on both sides of the car. Lay out a blanket to lay your bumper on. Now, remove...

How To: Wire and install a Mustang Halo headlight

See better with better headlights for your Ford Mustang. If you're looking for a new 'Stang look and feel, then US Muscle Mods can help. This video tutorial will show you how to wire and install a Mustang Halo headlight. Halo Head Lights will give a powerful and aggressive look to your Mustang, and wiring them up and installing in a cinch.

How To: Change oil and oil filter in a 4.6L Mustang

Do you like to spoil your car with the highest quality oil but hate paying $80 every oil change? If you have the time and patience to follow this video you can have the best for your car at a fraction of the cost. Changing oil is not as hard as you may think - this video shows you how on a Ford Mustang. Change oil and oil filter in a 4.6L Mustang.

News: Wild Mustang Problems?

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How To: Install Ford Racing Bullitt pedals

This episode shows you what to expect when installing Ford Racing Performance Parts pedals on your Ford Mustang. These are the same pedals found on the Bullitt edition Mustang. They make a big difference in appearance and comfort but you will need to use a couple of special techniques to install them without losing your patience.

How To: Change the fluid on a Tremec T45 transmission

Changing the transmission fluid to your car is an important task that every car owner should know how to do. The transmission helps make sure that your car runs smoothly for a long time. So if you want to know how to change the tramsmission fluid to a Tremec T45 transmission, check out the tutorial above to do so. Enjoy!

Instagram 101: How to Follow Hashtags & Curate Your Feed

Hashtags are the backbone of Instagram. They connect photos from users all around the world and give visibility to users who don't have many followers. Now, Instagram has added more functionality to this indispensable tool, and this new feature lets you follow hashtags in your main feed right alongside all the pics and videos you see already from people or companies you follow.

How To: Apply POR 15 for Rust

The Problem If you are working on a car restoration project, then you are going to faced with rust damage. This problem can’t be overlooked, as the entire project depends on repairing and eliminating rust. This would be like laying down new carpet to a house that was flooded, without cleaning the mess and making necessary repairs before laying the carpet down. The problem will still be there and the new carpet will be ruined.

How To: Install a Mach 1 chin spoiler

Most Mustangs have an unfinished look to the front of them. With this instructional auto video, you can learn to install a chin spoiler, giving your Mustang a nice, professional appearance. This video will also give you tips on what to avoid when installing your chin spoiler. Install a Mach 1 chin spoiler.

News: Watch a 1,500-Pound Box of Cell Phones Crush a Chevy Camaro

You looked on as a 1,169-pound pumpkin flattened a Pontiac sedan, now watch a 1,500-pound box of cell phones smash a Chevy Camaro! Jalopnik reports, "A cell phone recycler took its YouTube promo campaign to a new level by dropping 1,500 lbs. of junked cellphones on a parked 4th-generation Camaro. The resulting mess answers a question only a Mustang fan would ever ask. The filmmakers later clarified that the Camaro wasn't in running condition ... and was bought by a member of the crew as a par...

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